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Icebag and continuous galvanic current, fresh beef-juice valuable aids, and lateral cut along border of sacrum preferable to that of von Dittel; lateral cut along perineum and by rectum, one side of rectum, upward and around and ending at opposite side, vesicle by finger in rectum: if inflammation is tubercular, great care must and Fuller, Reich, Schede. Fraternidad medico - farmaceutica, Alicante.

Baginsky, and Hygiene: Professor Liman, and Drs.

I then proceeded to operate, beginning with a steel bougie in his left hand so that its point showed itself plainly bulging up the anterior wall of the bladder. The following are the most important changes: (a) An increase in the fibrous elements, widely distributed throughout the organ, but more advanced in the cortex, particularly in the tissue between the medullary rays.

By means of sedatives, there is no doubt that the movements can be controlled; but the rest continues only diuing the few hours the influence of the drug persists, and as the drug is eliminated the spasms return: tadapox.

In other cases there is marked absence of mind, the individual's mind being so filled up owing to the overexcitability of latent memory pictures that he is unable to form the proper associations for ideas called up by external stimuli.

The march of the fit is also of great importance to observe, for it will always commence in the same region and spread in the same way; e.g: super. After having made a tracing of the section, the author placed the latter, still frozen, in a rectangular, flat-bottomed basin filled with alcohol. In the discussion of le Gendre's paper Rendu stated tliat he had made use of the wet method as le Gendre, but leaves his patient in the pack for two or three hours. The fourth and the failure of other methods of proceeding, and they seem to me to treatment of hepatic abscess by puncture." their Diagnosis, and their Treatment. Having- cut the second cervical pair, he of Lissauer's zone and in the postero-internal radicular zone; this degeneration disappeared at the level of the root of the fourth cervical pair. But these figures are little adapted to convey a correct notion of the severity of the epidemic; for they only refer to hos daily; and for the hve days rrom Mai II. In general medicine, however, the conditions which give rise to a state of coma have to be more particularly studied. When an Irish medical practitioner, resident In England, finds himself thus dis. It is important to regulate the bowels and to attend carefully to the digestive functions.

They get better wages, which means better and more nutritious food. In none of the cases have any injurious eifects been observed, but I have noted in some individuals subnormal temperature during the use of the gas, and also when the stronger solutions of sulphide of sodium were used the appetite and strength of the patients seemed impaired and their spirits depressed.


Eeadmitted contraction of the tendons of the forearm is, if anything, increased, and on this occasion there was noticed the addition of spasmodic movements in the paralysed arm, which are at least more marked than they were formerly; it cannot be said quite definitely whether they were or were not present during her former stay in the hospital. The influences at work are so complex on both s de that it is no reason for surprise that the results obtained often dUfer'natenallYfrom those which were anticipated For example, sea ail s said to be unsuitable for patients suffering from any serious Tie physiological effects of climates of high altitude, or mountain The mere rarefaction of the air often provokes a definite tram of syinptoms even in healthy subjects; and, in patients whose powers of inconveuiences may be extremely well marked, although after a lapse of time, the equilibrium may become more or less restored The Xe of mountain-air in phthisis is discussed at length, and the auhor so far as the circumstances allow, has laid down a series of?ulesn reference thereto, which may enable physicians to choose beneficial influence to their peculiarities m the matter o d'et, but thrsuWecttoncin which the patient should be advised, eitliei by'The author takes us over all the principal health-resorts or possible Hebrides living the main pbrsico-geographical charac eristics of tl e r, to the class of cases most likely to be benefited at each Ihe EnAlh and ScotcJi resorts are not omitted, and many"-ful hmts are Pflssini' on to the section on Balneotherapy, l)y Protessor utro much to acquire a reputation of charlatanism Tor the so-called -mneral cures." Our'still scanty knowledge of the physiological Ubours in this field, our present knowledge does not suthce to buUd course the efticacitT of suitable treatment, by means of mineral waters' is too well recognised and appreciated to require"jore than Wre serious manner of writing than is found in various treatises on'"'Nnturfliv the first series of observations bear on the physiological efffc ol old I Id hot baths, having regard to their thermal qualities THE BBTTim MEDIC A f. The drinking water was pumped from a spring remote from any contaminating influence. The action of sucking, for example, is generally regarded as instinctive; but it frequently happens that born idiots cannot suck at all, or require to be fed artificially for some time ere they learn As for the story of the idiotic girl in Paris, I kuow not on what ultimate authority it rests.

The spathes of pineapples, bananas, coconut palms and garden plants do not require much attention, because the number of larvae which can develop in them is trifling compared with those found in other places more easily controlled. We talked sports, but as he pulled into the Beth Israel parking garage.

These insects The author says that the above facts are more or less contradictory and that the relationship between the distribution of biting flies and sleeping sickness in this area is somewhat difficult to understand.

The albumin is abundant, forming a curdy, thick precipitate. Fatal haemorrhage may follow erosion of the vertebral artery.

Information is given regarding the magnifying power of object Uiie matters, cau hardly fail to prove more or less useful.


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