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By so doing the lens is displaced upwards, and its lower edge brought opposite the incision. All of this material has been accepted and analyzed by HCFA and the resulting RVS is to be published momentarily in the Federal Register.

Not long ago a girl came to a throat clinic with laryngeal tuberculosis, and while apparently in pood health, she had pone to visit a patient sulTerinp from eonsumiition. Unhappily, as is too apt to be the case in regard of unauthenticated statements about the existence or prevalence of disease in remote conntries, some writers hastily grasp at unverified data which seem to favour their theoretical views, and thus unconsciously mislead the general public, and even the profession, for a time; and this seems to have been the case notably in the present instance. This may be repeated in twelve to twenty-four hours if the navel stump has not dried up. The vulvar lip, which was swollen and sclerotic, presented an old fistulous opening, from which small volumes of thick pus could be pressed out. It furnishes the nearest approach we can expect to a fixed standard of excellence, by which the work of new hands and the new work of old hands can be judged. Here are heads of the humerus in which you can see changed, but still there, the same general type of internal structure, with its peculiar mechanical advantages, in man, in the whale, in the Now, gentlemen, I would not have you infer from this that it is at all my intention to lead you through the pleasing by-ways of abstract science. If in the case of a limb left paralysed by division of an important nerve we can afterwards cut down upon, resect, and reimite such nerve, so as to restore power and sensibility to the parts supplied by it, at no great risk, much has been gained; and in cases of extensive wound or laceration, involving important nerve-trunks, these records raise the question whether it is not better not to be simply content with ligaturing bleeding vessels, and leave the nervetrunk to the chance of assjiming its original position, by carefully and accurately closing the wound, but to insure the coaptation of its divided ends by the careful introduction of catgut I wish to say a few words upon Esmarch's elastic Ijandage and constricting band, for the case of cure of aneurism in the popliteal span, recently published by Dr. I have seldom seen union take place between'the two lacerated edges; but each an side has healed by cicntrization and contraction. The bowels promptly expel the meconium, which, as it escapes from the anus, does not adhere to the tail or surrounding parts. It should not be allowed to boil as this coagulates the albumen and makes it;:;ime, or broiled white lish. He finds it possesses no decided poisonous properties, and gives the best results in treating varicose and other ulcers by alternating respond to iodoform, silver nitrate, etc. In the examination there should be noted the amount of enlargement growing out of infiltration of the surrounding soft parts with serum or blood, the probable contact with the fracture, and the degree and direction of displacement of fragments. When I learned the circumstances of the case I advised the patient to summon the previous physician. Botany, chemistry, natural philosophy, physiology, anatomy, comparative taught at an university than in provincial or metropolitan schools of medicine. He hailed the present sentiment as an indication of the tendency of Christian people to break down the ugly barriers that had kept kindly hearts asunder for The."peaker then refeired to a case occurring in his practise in Albany.


Shattuck, being a medical man and not a surgeon, was asked to see the case in consultation. Later there is a tendency to diarrhea, which is easily and often fatally intensified by the administration of purgatives, especially of aloes.

Ax the Autopsy there was found in the left ventricle a mass of fibrine in the mitral valve: combivent.

But it in obvious he had a still clearer idea of Lbo great velocity, he had taken his higher limit, he calculates that if tho amoun'j be half an ounce, not less than forty-one pounds and a half would pass through in half an hour; and if it be one ounce, rx he says the quantity would be eighty-three pounds and a. We have, however, received further corroboration to the suggestion made iu our papers already published on the etiology of phthisis, that there is more than one form of bacillus connected with this disease. In another case I recognized the accident at the time of its occurrence. Boil one hour, or until the meat is tender; add a little brown thickening, remove from the fire and strain.


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