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It is a fundamental and incontrovertible principle of sanitary science, that all or any organic decomposition must, and will, produce, as an accompaniment of this change, as a necessary condition of retrograde metamorphosis, a condition of the atmosphere that is inimical to a perfect state of animal It matters not whether the decaying organic material be a small cube of cheese or an elephant; the difference is only one of degree, and We need not discuss whether these enemies to health that are produced by organic decomposition are bacteria, or gaseous, or what not! For all practical purposes we know enough, and this knowledge tells us, in no doubtful terms, that all organic decompositions will produce poisons to animal life, and that they must all be From the Board of Health, we learn that diphtheria has, within the past two months, become quite prevalent in this city. His relatively sudden onset of right upper quadrant pain and tenderness, accompanied by leukocytosis, chemical jaundice, and evidence of right upper quadrant calcifications on a plain roentgenogram of the abdomen were quite consistent with the presumptive diagnosis. The integrity of society is much better protected with traditional means of execution, such as the electric chair, the gas chamber, or the firing squad. In times of pressure, she says, the staff was replenished by relays of tramps from the gutter and riverside, whose bodily condition was offensive beyond description. This condition occurs when the lesion is situated low down in the pons, below the decussation of the fibers of the facial nerve, and above that of the pyramidal tracts. Shoemaker, of this city, has been making some fruitful studies in therapeutics, for which he merits the thanks of the profession la three reprints before us he treats respectively of the therapeutic action of potassium chlorate, the treatment of syphilis with subcutaneous sublimate injections, and the oleates and oleo-palmitates in skin diseases. To mark the completion of the new 69 buildings in connection with this school of medicine, it has been determined to hold shortly a conversazione, so that all interested in the school may have an opportunity of inspecting the new class-rooms of the different departments, all of which, it is hoped, will be ready for occupation at the coaimencement of the coming winter session.

A form of typhoid fever occurring at high altitudes; mountain fever. De V It is impossible for us to mention all the numbers of their measurements, and we must be satisfied with giving our readers a few of the more important results of these investigations. S., Simon's, a suture for lacerated perineum involving the sphincter ani, in which the rectal mucous membrane, the vaginal mucous membrane, and the skin sharpened wire, bent like a staple, is passed through both lips of the wound and secured. For this latter indication, the most generally efficient of all remedies is the Peruvian Bark, or Quinine; but it is not specific, nor is there such a thing as a specific, for this or any other purpose, in physic; arsenic, opium, hydrocyanic acid, all proving better or worse than another in particular cases of disease, and this less with reference to the disorder and its cause, than to the constitution or peculiarity of system of individual patients. In another experiment a small mass came away from the body of the insect with the head, and in this case the dusky spot developed around the head and not around the body. The amount of injury inflicted on the bread-winners of a previously thriving reviews town by reckless statements impugning its healthiness would probably surprise the disseminators of such slanders if the losses so caused could be placed before them in a President, in the chair, a paper was read by Dr. Others has'e proved urea to be present, as Meissner, Bullard, and Perls; and then again, in diseases where the liver is functionally deranged, we have lithic aciJ, lithates, and a dark colouring pill matter in the urine, showing imperfect formation ol urea; and, if the.secreting tissue of stances lx:ing intermediate between albuminoid matter and luca. See Poliomyelitis, Acute of diminishing the mass of blood. New oil extracts anilin colors more rapidly than old. Vomiting, in cancer of the stomach, occurs most commonly as the result of the attempt of the organ to propel its contents through an obstructed pylorus. In this way they enter the wandering cells and may thus be excreted from the tonsilar surfaces. The superintendent is a man intimately acquainted with all the theoretical and practical aspects of the question of manufacture, besides which, at irregular and uncertain intervals a government official visits the place to see that the Acts of Parliament relative to the manufacture of dynamite are faithfully carried out.


; or where acute cardiac or pericardiac mischief is present. For embryonic areas and cent, osmic-acid solution until quite dark (about I hour), then treat with successive alcohols for several hours. Of navis, a ship: pi., developmental stage of gregarines, resembling the navicellK or naviculre of diatoms. P., Air, a pump used to exhaust the air vessel already filled with air. In so numerous that the Fairfax City its Man of the Year Award not long finds time to sing in the church doctor who can dance as well as award to a dedicated husband and have worked hard to help build the Fairfax Symphony and Wolf Trap In addition, Dr. It was his stimulating influence as a teacher that made him one of the greatest intellectual forces in Cambridge.


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