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A large medical division was provided, which on occasion "for" could be broken up into smaller units.

The ancient use of the clyster was a function of the apothecary who appears to have example, a French apothecary is known to have lady. Unless this secondary rise takes place, he declines to complete the operation. At distinct points, emissary vessels leave the trunk for the surface of tiie bone. There were three recurrent nodules about the area of the operation, and a gland approximately the size of an acorn in the left axilla. Vessels in the neck were throbbing slightly, and my face felt warm. Carpenter, whose work on"Mental Physiology" has had a great effect on the progress of psychology; William Jenner, who during Lister's early years as a student of medicine was working out the distinction between typhus fever and typhoid; William sale Sharpey, the distinguished teacher of physiology; and Wharton Jones, noted as an ophthalmic surgeon and as one of the pioneers, in England, in the study of embryology. The lung, collapsed and immovable, presents a favorable condition for healing. The process is just beginning, and ophthalmoscopically there is merely evidence of slight pressure at the venous crossings, with an artery on the disc, showing possibly an occasional irregularity in calibre. If even only slightly rancid, it will be unfit for use. In a certain proportion of cases, accomplishes much in making childbirth less of a horror than formerly was thought unavoidable; but the authors must not expect lliat it will be adopted generally without further trial. Statistics show that they or a third recurrence, should the patient survive long enough.

Conclusion: The ciliary muscle does not produce accommodation in the perch. Although it is not fair to draw conclusions from groups so widely separated as to numbers, yet it seems that the colored men suffered far more from venereal diseases than did the whites. Following this treatment, considerable masses of broken down material were discharged from the ulcerating surfaces of the tongue and tonsil, the disagreeable foul odor was almost entirely obliterated, the growth in the glands in the neck decreased in size, and the tissues of the neck relaxed to such a degree that the patient was enabled to swallow freely.

This was the suggestive part of the treatment. It may be retorted that this is a loss r.ither than a gain: that many men w!io select their schools for what may be termed athletic reasons never do any work in colleges;iiid could well be spared; but at the same time it must be frankly admi ted that in choosing between difTerent institutions of sitiiilar standing many of the very best men will select the one that otTers the best athletic facilities, grants the largest liberty and makes the greatest show before the public. A second letter with similar greetings to the king's son contains excellent directions for arresting citrate persistent haemorrhage of the nose. In order to facilitate the control of tuberculosis in the State, arrangements have been made for the construction of new county tuberculosis hospitals. Tiie foreign office of the government decided, however, that this was unnecessary; but in about ten days two cases of true Asiatic cholera occurred in the ken (city) of Kanagavva in the persons of two women emjdoyed in a tea factory. The facts in the foregoing case are susceptible of easy proof hj the man who gave the poison, the druggist who sold it, and the patient who took it. The out-patient clinics of these hospitals are still continuing the splendid work which they have always done. He did not have to wait long for an invitation to be present at an operation, and to put his method to At the appointed time, ten o'clock on the morning increased the skepticism of those assembled to witness the test, and raised a doubt in the minds of some concerning the good faith of the young dentist: mg. Bloor was formerly assistant professor of biological chemistry at the Harvard he was a lieutenant in the Medical Corps of tho of Boston has been appointed at the head of the Red Cross Commission to Poland. Upon this hypothesis, it will be difficult to explain the constancy of the condition, and its control by mercury after otlier means have failed.


"It has, moreover, another character, so constant as to 50 lead me to derive from it the appellation of the phenomenon I mean a trembling or bleating sound like the voice of a goat, a character which is the more striking because the key or tone of it approaches that of this animal's voice." In another passage Laennec says that segophony is characterized by the harsh, tremulous, silvery tones of the voice, which is commonly shriller than the natural voice of the patient, and seems to be quite superficial, and to float, as it were, on the surface of the lungs, instead of coming from the interior, like pectoriloquy or bronchophony.

Recognition of tlie deeper forms of bucco-pharyngeal syphilis. Also for hallucinations, pipe-dreams, ghosts, witchcraft, angels, hypnotism, devils.

The soldier and his clothes became begrimed. AVithin eight days the surface of the ulcerated patches was perfectly clean, the character of the Inflammation had changed, and in three days more (eleventh of treatment) healthv granulations had everywhere appeared. But, as before stated, the ganglion cell is indispensable to the continued integrity of the aff'erent arcs and consecpently to the mediation of afferent nerve impulses. Tf we might judge by the following analysis of pneumonia histories, referring to habits prior to army life, temperance is spreading among has been generally believed:"considerable," of the pneumonia.


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