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There was distmctly more resistance on the left than ou the right. Preference will be given to the sons of native commissioned and of non-commissioned officers and author, not exceeding thirty lines in length, to be given as an exercise in dictation. To this experience I can add my own as to the use of warm baths in scarlatina, particularly in two cases beginning with severe convulsions. No tumor could be defined, but there was no doubt in the minds of Dr. The great blot of the present sj-stem was that tlie power was given to the poor -law guardians to ajipoint the Medical officers and to control them, the result being that the t-uardians sacrificed the interests of the poor to economy. I always specify it where my cases need anti-malarial treatment.

With this fluid I find that acute cases seldom need more than twelve electric treatments, of which not more than six are more, and two or three more during the third week. The continued presence of the tumor and the diagnosis given naturally alarmed her, and without seeking further medical advice she placed herself in a widely known" cancer institution." promising one, and that a cure was certain. In all the other cases examination of the sjrmpathetic gave a negative result, and Tanquerel himself believes that the anomalies found in his twenty-five cases were not of anatomical origin, but should be considered as effects of phenomena observed during hfe. When possible, tissue or some similar paper makes a lighter, less bulky, and more readily applied substitute for newspapers. Graduate Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, JEFFERSON, Pauline C. So far as concerns our present purpose, sufficient is the statement that a syphilitic woman, if she conceive at all, will necessarily infect the foetus; and further, if she become syphilitic while bearing the foetus, the chances are that the latter In short, so far as my researches have carried me, there is but one acute disease which the woman is not liable to transmit to her child in utero, and this is anthrax.

At a meeting of the Societe Medico-Pratique, of Paris, M. The plans were made for a trip abroad for the yourjg lady and a party.

Speaking of his good fortune in this respect, one evening, he said that one of the first requisites to success in political life was a good digestion, and he reminded his visitor that a majority of the Senators were portly men. A committee of seven was appointed to consider a scheme suggested by Dr. Now the object the engineers proposed was to invite the greatest number of farmers they could find to try the new experiment. During and after confinement we observe every antiseptic precaution, and, not content with this, on each visit we take the mother's pulse and temperature, recognizing the fact that forewarned is forearmed. Bichromate of Potash in Obstinate Syphilis. Murphy, professor of Burgery at Washington University, and the assistant directors are Major Walter Fischel, associate professor of of physiology, and the staff includes Captain Allison, Captain Vceder, and Cairtain Sidney Schwarb, associate professors respectively of clinical orthopaedic surgery, pediatrics, and neurology. The same explanation applies to the metallic tinkling and musical sounds heard in the ears. Her mother said she had been suffering a severe headache for some days. Hawexns suggested, as a matter of courtesy to the authorities, that words should be inserted to provide for proper notice being given in review such cases to them of the intention of the Medical Council to propose any such amendments to the Privy Council. Hosiiital Sliips Maine, Bohillat Before the war there was only one British hospital ship in commission, the Maine, which was originally fitted out by a group of American ladies during the South African war and subsequently taken over by the Admiralty. Many observers have found the disease in connection with organic disease in the pancreas.

The sarcolemmal nuclei of the separated fibres still stain brightly. Obstetric Medicine Botany, Forensic Medicine, Materia Medica, Comparative Anatomy and Pathological Anatomy, one conrse of Practical Surgery, Practical Chemistry and Practical Physiology, and perpetual attendance at the the usual period of attendance. High temperature in Sulphuric acid, gallic acid, tannic acid, these cases so far from contraindicating and acetate of lead, I only mention to say stimulents emphasize the urgency for them, they are more harmful than beneficial. W., and found that she had aborted, an hour previous, a three months' foetus, with but an inconsiderable hemorrhage. He maintained that the universe presents an endless unrolling of definite evolutions, and that the evolutions of organization were completed, though its variations continued, while other evolutions were at work, and more would Ear Disease Following Scarlet Fever. The first very soon became healthy, and cicatrized before the others. These are therefore taken into consideration in the prize question, Limits assignable to the Use and Abuse of Tobacco?" we fear stands little chance of being impartially judged by an antitobacco committee; and we would certainly advise competitors disposed to allow a tolerably broad margin to a practice that has secured the sympathies of so many millions to withhold their pens. Oxley on"Hydrate bodybuilding of Chloral," in which the uses and iUustrated by a valuable printed table, drawn up by its author, of forty-three cases of aU kinds of disease in wliich the actioa of the hydrate of chloral had been carefully observed. They are it has be'en found possible by varying the constituents of a nutrient medium to encourage the development of ono or other type of organisms. Numerous cases have been reported which have been relieved by correcting refraction errors of the eye.


It had been supposed that flying army, stated that among the numerous pilots he bad examined vertigo was found only in two or three, and was traceable to a ijre-existiug condition. Headache, too, is naturally present at times.


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