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Man will be more FORTY YEARS IN THE MEDICAL PROFESSION careful in his herding. Great care also has to be used in taking draughts of water to quench thirst, and the tempting and abundant water-melon should be taken of in great moderation. JIany of these cases will get well under treatment; others are seen to slowly pass into disease of the lungs. Americans are among the great carbohydrate consumers of the world. The jury returneil a verdict that deceased died from misadventure, through inhaling an overdose of chloroform in attempting to gain relief from toothache. Haldane's motion, which, having been put to the vote, was adopted. The transposition was buy complete even to such details as the distribution of the ozygos, phrenic, suprarenal, and other smoll veins. The signs ly which the constitutional affections are manifested are nwmerous, and do not occur in an order sufficiently precise to authorise a chronological classification.

All this was done in accordance with my directions; and on the first day, the lady ate and perfectly digested two slices of raw meat. The question remained: Did that proposal ask the Medical Council to take upon itself greater responsibilities than it ought to take in so important a matter? (AppLiuse.) They were called upon by the BQl to take the initiative. If a more active anti-spasmodic and relaxant is required, the following will answer an excellent purpose: Triturate well together, and divide into ten powders. Some of his answers were a propos and apparently rational, others bore no relation to the question. He then thought that notwithstanding the existence of constipation, a symptom absent in some cases of fissure, rhatany might be employed, and the trial was crowned with success similar to that obtained in the other cases. The patient recovered, but when he left our wards had a blowing sound, the very characteristic roughness of which sufficiently proved both the exactness of the diagnosis as to the anterior acute attack, and the existence of a contracted state of the left auriculo-ventricular opening, with insuificiency of the auriculo-ventricular valve. Icterus was probably existent to some degree, but was not noticed by the husband, who being ache were relieved, and on the next day, Sunday, she felt well enough to be up. Otherwise the patient's condition continued about the same. Cases in which the supervention of cerebral symptoms as a sequel to a long standing purulent discharge from the ear was held to justify the inferenceof thrombosis of the lateral sinus, for which an operation was in each case undertaken, in two of the four with had had a discharge from the ear for fifteen year.', and this had ceased suddenly some days before his admission to the hospital in later on, shivering and vomiting: 10mg.


Royal Whitman, New York: I think scoliosis should be divided etiologically into many different classes. At the secotid dressing a week later the stitches are removed, and never before. Tliere may he merely n after slight provocation, with a free discharge of pus containing gonocoeci, which leads the patient to believe that he luis acquired a fresh infection. I recently removed a calculus from tlie left kidney toms referable to the kidney, although the kidney pelvis was so surrounded by lymph exudate and fat that the calculus resembled the stotie in the center of a peach. Ten per cent, iodoform vaseline mixture, liquefied by heat, This disease, variously styled gliosarcoma, fungous hjematodes, small-celled sarcoma of the retina, by different pathologists, was first described by Mr. The uk revision has occupied twelve years. It was difficult to believe that the changes were the result of pyaemia. It is slow, but certain in its operation, resolving viscid deposits, promoting secretion and depuration, increasing the appetite, and giving tone to the digestive apparatus.


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