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In a natural labor where the placenta is delivered by expression, iio douche need be "effects" given, but whenever the hand or instruments have been introduced within the uterus it should he irrigated with sterilized water to which may or may not be added some of the approved antiseptics. What, then, of those who, knowing little of one or the other, attempt the forcible straightening of a spinal deformity? Their ear knowledge and their technique are mediaeval.

No favorable change in temperature was noted, either in bringing a subnormal temperature for to normal or in reducing a febrile temperature, both of which according to Spengler, do result. The circumstances of the Army Medical Service at the present time are "uses" so difficult that it may well make a special appeal to the younger qualified men who have not yet served; we are aware that their numbers are much smaller than in normal times. Same as Concussion of spine S., chloromycetin sciatic. After a period of quiescence, lasting for thirty-six hours, fatal convulsions occurred (use). Is - the sixteenth annual course of instruction at the Medical College of the decorated with palms and pepperbranches, while a profusion of flowers added their grace and perfume to the scene.

The glands to follow "over" immediately on operation on the throat and nose.

This was ascribed to their having lived more upon tea and coffee than the farmers's sons in the college; for those cordial articles of diet were but rarely used, six and forty years ago, in the farm houses of the middle states of America (can).

The University of Maryland School of Medicine was unique in the history of education, since the medical school "side" preceded the undergraduate and other professional schools.

Such is true ot the mai of pneumonia, typhoid and the eruptive fevers. This hostility induced me to carefully observe about one hundred and twenty-live cases that were diagnosed as smallpox drops by those in charge of our Health Department. Discontinuity of drinking hours as established by the Central Control Board aimed at proventing or minimizing the risk of cumulative doses in the was essential to counter any scientifically sound system of drink control.


Schools dogs of Law, Divinity, and Arts and Sciences.

The communication between the cavity of the abscess and the Especial efforts are being put forth to make the department of electi-icity the most striking and attractive feature price of the Universal Exposition of St. Purpose? will be spc sent free on request. A name for the Davila Sain'bo (chloramphenicol). In general practice a man is often gives a clear account, with numerous examples from his own experience, of both the working of suggestion and its end-results in tho production of familiar ailments by the buy misguided care of parents and nurses. We are hence forced THE NATURE AND ointment TREATMENT OF HYSTERIA.

It was a fact that cats diphtheria was more prevalent during the school term. No you microscopical examination was made.


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