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Exposure to cold and dampness should be avoided, pressure by cicatricial tissue or dislocated bones should be relieved, and constitutional states favoring neuritis, such as gout and syphilis, should be corrected. Well's large springtrocar, with a long curved arm, to which was attached a rubber tube of great caliber communicating with the tub beneath. In the second case, the conclusion was reached that the child was ten months old when born, making allowance for the fact that intra-uterine life was longer in breech than in vertex presentations. The wound was about four inches long and ragged.


Piffard thought comparative experiments should be made for the puqiose of determining which of the two, the serum or the corpuscles, was the better nutritive agent. Microscopically, sections exhibit the same alternation of groups of normal and choked tubules already described, alongside of other places in which the tubules, together with the Malpighian bodies at their extremities, are obliterated. A New Edition, Completely Revised and Rewritten. Gunning more consideration and that there is a somewhat general feeling of disappointment among the physicians of that city because of the emplojTnent of nurses to the exclusion of physicians, and also that the selection inhalation of physicia?is had not always been judicious.

The difficulties which stand in the way of such hfa a procedure are manifold.

No sure cure has as yet been found for tuberculosis, and a man's 90 faith in his own power, no matter how convincing it may be to his patient, cannot convince us that the woman is sensible in taking the risk acquiring a disease for which no one, save a fraud, That the advertizing element in this case may be purely accidental does not lessen the harm that such discussions bring to those that are in the incipient stages of the disease. Excellent compensation is often maintained in mitral Pure stenosis without regurgitation is possible if the mitral valve leaflets are fused without retraction, so as to form the funnel-shaped opening already described.

Calmiel says that in many cases the changes proceed from the cord upwards, and Baillarger endorses the views of the last mentioned authority. On the other hand, if the integrity of the sacral cord is lost, there will be no response to the sensory impressions conveyed from a full bladder or rectum, because the reflex arc is interrupted, and the organ remains unemptied; whence torpor or complete paralysis of the bowels and bladder are common sym.ptoms of spinal disease; and while the repletion of the latter may finally overcome the resistance of its sphincter and lead to dribbling, the rectum may go on filling up until it is emptied by the finger or the handle of a spoon. A very convenient form of such a device is the electric radiator which possesses the advantage of yielding no products of combustion and producing heat which is available immediately the current is turned on. Smith, in closing the discus.sion, remarked, he had no doubt Dr.

Certain peculiar defects of eyesight lead to this unpleasant symptom, and there is a disease of the internal ear, called Meniere's Disease, in which giddiness is associated with The poisonous "mcg" principles of tobacco produce a giddy feeling in persons who are attempting to smoke for the first few times, and, of course, everyone knows that alcoholic drinks taken to excess, cause such giddiness as to make men stagger and fall down.

Certain health resorts have much reputation for their efficiency in reducing corpulence.

He thought it of interest to note, in connection with the pathogenesis of Parinaud's conjunctivitis, that in this instance the physician was a rectal specialist, that the first case occurred in a surgeon in hospital practice in Puerto Rico, where the sanitary arrangements were most imperfect, and that the father of the child just presented by Dr. But new discouragements await us. On the contrary the specific effects of the most valuable remedies are often neutralised by the physician's manner, and any doubts respecting his capacity are often stronger than the most powerful tonics or judiciously applied remedies. If taken early in the morning the stage of the microscope should be warmed. They receive various names, according to the situations where they are readily excited. This agrees with the statement of Vogel, who says:" As a rule, death takes place on the third or fourth day." The disease may terminate in apparently spontaneous reduction and recovery, which is extremely rare; but two cases illustrative of this hapjjy termination are cited by West. They may reach such size as to be recognized by the naked eye as spherical gray nodules one to three lines in diameter, or they may be elongated or forked, following the course of the blood-vessels. There are in such a corresponding shortening of the great vessels which pass up toward the cranium, bringing its contents, in a very marked degree, under the motor influence of the heart; hence persons of such a make are said to be exposed to headaches and apoplectic attacks, and experience tends to confirm the observation.

In addition to the treatment of the gall-stones themselves, we have to deal with "price" the conditions which tend to cause intestinal catarrh, and for this purpose there is nothing so efficient as benzoate of MEDICAL ASSOCIATION GREATER NEW YORK.

Their routine aerosol use is injudicious and sometimes dangerous. Fortunate the man who shall reveal its cause! One doctor is sure that it is due to the more vigorous intellectual activity of the male sex: ventolin.


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