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She has had all the diseases of childhood, but, outside of slight colds and rather frequent attacks of indigestion, has enjoyed good health up to the present illness. By Whilst the authoritative character of this wcrk must attract rcadeis with the most diverse interests, it will speciallj appeal to medical men, for the subject is approached mainly from their point of view. Although the use of oxytocics has existed from very remote times, the list place of drugs which possess this property in a special degree is very short. In many chemotherapeutic centers around this country, combination programs are popular and possibly represent a superior mode of therapy. In six cases of prematurely born infants they were present in great numbers. During a summer's residence in Nebraska I painfully remember this period of protracted heat, which was so great that the briek-paved streets exploded with loud detonations, easting the bricks in all directions.

I studied, for example, the evolution of the red corpuscles throughout the animal scale," and learned that they were tardy additions to the blood as storage cells, when the hjemoglobin diffused in the plasma, as it is in many invertebrates and in certain low vertebrates, failed to satisfy the needs of the vital process. A demonstration to the entire world. There is reason to believe that the children of alcoholics are not only more susceptible to the degenerative effects of alcohol, but also to other diseases, such as gout, rheumatism, syphilis, and diseases of the nervous system. Therefore Chicago has three times as many suicides in proportion to the population as the country at large. The course is afebrile or slightly febrile; there are pains in the breast, moving from one side to the other, and often a painful cough, particularly if the patient inspires deeply.


The second point which I wish to emphasize has a particular application in adult myxoedema, the condition described by the earliest observers. Stone in the common duct does not necessarily produce jaundice, which is a symptom in not more motilium than one-third of the cases.

We must do it directly and buy indirectly. Very truly yours, Northwestern National Life Insurance Co., As a member of the Blood Pressure Committee of the Medical Directors' Association, I am endeavoring to obtain ex pressions of opinion from several of the leading clinicians and teachers of medicine on the technique of determining blood pressure readings with the view to formulating a clear, concise, and practical method to recommend to the life insurance medical examiners of the country. This should enlist his active co-operation in Neurasthenia is a disease which usually proves very expensive to everyone, and I am confident that, even if the employer or the insurance company has to defray the hospital charges In non-traumatic cases, I have, in some instances, arranged that on return to work half-time should be allowed for the first week, and the amount of work each day gradually increased subsequently until full work is accomplished.

Temperature up, though no to tenderness at epigastrium or in either hypochondrium. Occlusion of capillaries by these masses or by many discrete cells was often observed, in the neighborhood of which the capillaries were sometimes found dilated. However, very great difficulty in estimating correctly or even approximately the pace at which a car travelled. The back of the wrist is painted with tincture of iodine. The difficulty of dealing with these cases is the same as in similar cases of puerperal origin, namely, the root of the trouble u the presence of thrombosed veins which are infected.


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