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Sir Erasmus Wilson designated it as lichen planus retiformis in naming a model by Baretta which he presented to the Museum of the (III.) Patchy Variety (Parapsoriasis en plaques of Brocq) allied to the psoriatiform variety of seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Liquefied oxygen has been given a fair trial on many cases of scirrhus carcinomata of breast, which have either been operated upon followed by recurrence or were so far advanced as to preclude operative interference when first Every physician familiar with these cases realizes that hemorrhage is a frequent and most dangerous symptom in almost every case. When it is remember m! that more than two million industrial accidents are reported each year in the United States, the magnitude of the task of providing medical and surgical care for these disabled workers becomes apparent. It is a fact, too publicly aired to be contradicted, that divorces, holdups, and murders are greatly on the increase. It may contribute to a more confident and aggressive prosecution of the public health campaign to review the statistical record as it concerns a few of the diseases which have lent themselves most readily to The death rate from typhoid fever in the Registration We have thus a reduction, in less than twenty years, of In other words, the reduction in these four diseases is saving to this nation every year more lives than were lost by our Expeditionary Forces in all the battles of the late The prospects for the future are so bright as to warrant a confident hope of even greater triumphs than have been won in the past. If slavering and protrusion of the tongue are seen, and especially if there be a swelling under the lower jaw and neck, you may be sure the animal scarify the parts until the blood flows freely.


In Length, was Removed from the patient, a man fifty-eight years old, had carried his spoon for six years, still he had never suffered pain until three months previous to the time of the operation. But all are agreed as to the supreme value of the local treatment. Its use is generally recommended in connection with free incision and drainage of the abscesses, and probably aids in the elimination of the fungus.

The non-elevated red spot (looking at first like a flea-bite) is a macule. Has a variety of names, the two in most frequent use being caucrum oris and noma; it is occasionally called cancer aquaticus, or water cancer. These form the well-known evaporating lotions, and their use is of much service in diminishing pain and the feeling of heat and irritation (retin). An unusual accident was"sand smothering." This patient was assisting in the dumping of a car loaded with sand. The discomfort, pruritus, and irritation generic were intense, and a considerable amount of constitutional disturbance also occurred.

Fortunately f..r us, this nurse was particularly skillful along this line, and a few minutes later a very light hearted mother betook herself home to complete the garment. All so-called dry seborrhoeas were superficial chronic inflammatory processes of the skin; and in consequence of oil formed by the sweat glands permeating the lymph spaces and the whole of the cutis and epidermis, the desquamating scales were greasy.

But it often happens that, in the absence of any specially diseased state of the granulations, unless it be the want of nutritive power to sustain themselves, their functional activity becomes too soon exhausted, and, in consequence, the process of cicatrization is delayed. Sulphate of iron Eisen-phosphat, n. In the West those annuals or perennials proliiic in honey are, many of them, spicous, and of great value aside from this use.

Although a wider experience has shown its limitations, it or its modifications may still be regarded somewhat as a specific for this unique form of inflammatory action.

The nutrition of the paralyzed muscles may suffer somewhat from disuse, and from the attendant vaso-motor paresis, but no rapid atrophy is noted when the cerebro-spinal element of the motor tract is alone involved.

The blocked material was cut serially either in thirty or forty-five micra sections and stained by the WeigertPal method.

X Dewlap: the loose hangmg skin of the neck. How soon can small-pox be recognized? A practitioner who has had considerable experience in small-pox may occasionally be able to detect it the second day after the first appearance of the eruption, but such a diagnosis is always, and under all circumstances, unless there be knowledge of direct exposure of the person to variola, extremely hazardous, and the doctor who values his reputation will never be guilty of such rashness. The chief complication of eczema is severe pyogenetic infection.


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