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In the eyes of many he was just a large and cheerful physician engaged in the timeless task of delivering new souls into the world and protecting the health of their mothers. This color, however, does not in any way detract from the staining of the cytoplasm of the cells with eosin.

This water is distributed to about every house and shop in the city.

Micrococci (globular bacteria) are small points or specks, easily seen with a good one-quarter inch objective. Coupland every four or six hours; relapses are, as far as possible, guarded against by continuing the administration long after the subsidence of the primary fever. Trauma capitis bad been recorded as tbe primary cause of tbe epileptic condition: cheap. Water, dose, two to three ounces. In pernicious anaemia, on the other hand, the colour index is greater than i. Dickson celebration of the recent completion of his fiftieth year as teacher of anatomy in Toronto. Pain in the chest is not uncommon, and may be the first thing com plained of. Appetite poor, and patient lost flesh slowly. When the body becomes diseased the nature of the biological effect of climatic change is not qualitatively altered, but it may be quantitatively greatly magnified owing to the limitation in the powers of physiological adaptation. It is the advantageous over and over again.

On the other hand, slight inadequacy, without vicarious elimination and counteracting agents, sometimes led to serious consequences. ; to leprous or scaly affections, sulphuret of potash, bichloride of mercury, zinc ointment, nitrate of mercury ointment, sulphur, creosote, etc. Mu-ci-lag'in-ous, Slimy; ropy; moist, soft, and lubricous.


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