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For the presence of anemia may mask the existence of a severe oxygen unsaturation, since the cyanotic color which indicates the existence of unsaturation depends for its appearance on the absolute concentration of reduced hemoglobin of capillary blood. It has been a fact long known to specialists that obstruction of the passage of air through the nares will give rise to asthma, and a great number of articles have been written on this subject. It is written of as the"hateful disease." We know that this means venereal disease, because of the phrase that Sueh Chun uses in expressing the debarring results of it. From this the thought arises that without The second manner in which the sex factor finds expression is in those diseases which are found much more frequently in one sex than another. In all the brains examined there were necrosed, softened spots beneath or around the posterior horn of the lateral ventricle. The patient was told to remain in bed and that the doctor would return in two days and for her to apply the prescription codeine in the meantime. All certificates issued must be signed by the veterinarian performing the inspections, completed and forwarded to the appropriate State and or Federal official for approval. In a recent dislocation the chief obstacle is muscular contraction, and by relaxing this, chloroform enables the surgeon to replace the bone at once without difficulty." Notwithstanding that the chloroform" enables the surgeon to replace the bone at once and without difficulty," when he comes to speak of dislocation of the hip he says,"the reduction of this form of dislocation is effected in the following manner: The patient having been put under the influence of chloroform, is laid on his back upon a strong table between two staples, one of which should be fixed to the floor and another at a point above the level of the body, in a direct line with the axis of the limbs, etc. Karl Stenstrom, the physicist at our Institute, proposed a employed: the amount of radiation which is from an erythema dose. It is furthermore influenced by the temperature, and probably much more so by artificial warmth than cold; an over-heated room will almost invariably cause swelling in such patients. Our Government might address the German Empire in regard to this in order to have official documents; but the results of such an inquiry have for us, from the standpoint now under discussion, an almost secon-' dary importance. The supplement of the August number of the Journal of the Medical Society of New Jersey contains a report of the Committee The Committee had adopted a plan of cooperation with courses offered by the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania.

The contagium as is chlorine or sulphurous acid gas, pure air, in liberal amount, is a very useful and important agent for the dilution and destruction of the poison of the disease; it should be employed freely; but with this as with other procedures for the safety of the unaffected, great care should be taken not to increase the danger to those already sick from any cause, who are usually endangered by exposure to drafts of cold air, and this is especially true of persons convalescing from scarlet fever.

Fergusson respecting what had been termed" grubbing operations," and preferred it to that of Mr. About ten days before readmission, her mother said she had had a fit and afterward attacks of" the nerves. Hutcheson thus sums up his valuable memorandum:" Where local sanitary protection is greatest, and palpable."anitary defects are fewest, there per cent, greater mortality in former as compared with later years.

The mighty chariot of Progress is not the car of Juggernaut, crushing to death whole armies of devout believers.

If we are too timid our support will be insufficient and the operation will be but a partial success. She left the hospital and continued on with the hygienic She had a relapse and went steadily down hill and again came under our observation the next day, and there was a slight temporary improvement in all symptoms, especially in well-being and appetite and the edema and again on the first of November.

I should like to ask the doctor, if he has heard anything about this matter? only in the comatose state.

Delegates on these three bills promethazine is acknowledged, I believe.

Ground has been broken for an addition to Stuart Circle Hospital, this city. Near the greater curvature of the stomach, breadth, of intense congestion, and many small areas of similar appearance were found elsewhere in the gastric mucous membrane, most of them along the lesser curvature.

The proposal is absurd and dangerous if made with reference to ordinary cases of renal calculi, where no abscess exists.



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