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The result of these experiments was the demonstration of the fact that takadiastase will act upon and digest starch in the presence even of gastric juice of hyperacidity.

Chronic gastritis is best subdivided into two main subdivisions, the chronic hypertrophic and the atrophic forms.

John McClellan crossed paths at Guadalcanal where has been decorated with the Silver Star for gallantry in action and has the Purple Heart.

Notices should also be placed in carriages, informing the public that" In order to prevent the propagation of contagious diseases and particularly, tuberculosis, passengers are expressly forbidden to expectorate on the floor of a carriage." A similar notice should be hung up in waiting-rooms and at the entrances of railway stations. Persistently positive Wassermann tests were previously Although the incidence of syphilis is very low in this group, the value of the diagnosis to the few individuals infected, the educational value of including a Wassermann test as a part of every physical examination, and the very low cost of having the test done would seem to leave no doubt as to the importance of doing the Wassermann test routinely in the examination of college What the General Practitioner Should Know YPHILIS in Minnesota is slowly becoming less prevalent.

It is in this class of cases that the regular administration of the chloride of iron is indicated. Such accidents are, though, liable to happen to the most careful. I am doing studies in Pittsburgh to determine this particular point. The second case is that of a female: The family history was unimportant. He should be brought to recognize that there is no laboratory procedure that does not require a certain degree of technical skill; and even with technical skill and constant unless carefully and constantly checked. G., of the uterus, as after an induced abortion: naltrexone. Nevertheless it lies within the experience of the internist to elicit an adequate history as applied to cardiovascular disturbance, and to make a diagnosis based on such history, on physical examination, and on such laboratory evidence as may be sought and obtained. Even when the x-ray has.shown their pre.sence and the clinician is sure of the lesion, physical signs may be impossible to elicit.

Thus, to obtain an uncomplicated case is a matter of the greatest Upon broad principles, it is true, the frequency of tuberculosis among children and its increasing frequency during the period when they have a diet largely of cow's milk, would appear to be a strong argument in favor of believing that the milk of cows affords the most likely source of infection. Repeat this as often as required. The disease must be treated symptomatically until laboratory e.Tperiments have found the specific treat ment. If external influences were in every respect identical, yet there is something in the condition of one man which renders him more obnoxious, or less obnoxious, to the influence of particular morbific causes than his neighbor is. Some were opened and contained a clear serum but no pus. For some months there has been a proposed project for a convalescent home in Honolulu. Bolles, that she be bonded also. Vermifuge treatment promptly cured the patient and there has been no recurrence during the years since.

Discussion on Gastric Disorders, to be opened by James B. National Saiiitorium Association, Gravenhursf Ing, and make all C'lheqnes. This can be entirely avoided by applying a plaster cast. On account of the large area affected, one side was treated at one time and in three days the other side was treated in the manner above described.


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