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He had given up using a gauze drain and since adopting these precautions he had had no postoperative hyperthyroidism. In studying the statistics given regarding the Semitic race, their greater struggles for existence, greater hardships, and peculiar mode of life should be taken into consideration.

The chloride of sodium is to be added to the remedies just named. During this period, he was giving intensive courses and lei hires to physicians, w ho came from all over l he world, and he himself travelled to Paris he was at Temple, he decided that there should be a regular organized Bronchoscopic Clinic at The Woman's Medical College when we had been doing only an occasional online case.

Dixon detached from the Brooklyn and ordered at once to the hospital, Norfolk, for treatment; Medical Inspector P. John Broadbent quoted the late Dr. This journal has well merited its success, for its contributors are the leaders in the Brazilian profession and their articles are most valuable additions to the literature of tropical pathology.

One or two of the submaxillary lymph glands may lie on the periosteum, and a tumor of these glands very closely simulates sarcoma of the jaw. In persons structurally perfect the abdominal wall may undergo changes from repeated internal pressure under certain circumstances, or from disease and other debilitating influences, whereby it is at length unable to withstand the distention to which it is subject. The stomech has boon shown to contain an immense secreting surface furnishing an enormous amount of secivtion daily. Hyde Park, Sydney, New South mtp Wales. Fuller, Medical Corps, has been ordered from abortion Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and directed to proceed to Fort Brady, Michigan, Major Reuben B. Whether, after this emergency, the appointment of a board of health was regularly maintained, we said to have been under the administration of such a board, which consisted of the mayor of the city and three members of the city undoubtedly implying regularity of administration. A few weeks' residence in a clean, well-aired hospital ward will do more to restore such cases to health than iron or arsenic alone. Later order works,! his breadth of scholarship. "The spleen was soft, and weighed two hundred and"The heart was small; valves presented calcareous"The lobe of the left lung was in a condition of recent hepatization, the remainder of the lung emphysematous.


Kit - martin, John Newton, Casejjtoivn, Tavistock.

Helen Lake (Philadelphia General Hospital); Mr.

The causes thus distinguished, therefore, nay be either internal or external, although, in the great majority of cases, they belong to the latter class.

These cases are interesting as at times they are liable to be mistaken for some serious affection of the larynx. The effect of the injections on still open primary sores, on indurated glands, on macular syphilidos, and on pharyngeal ulcerations may be said to be almost magical. Tonic remedies may be given with advantage during convalescence.


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