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The first, which he considered to be the most important, is a small, round body, and can only be studied microscopically with the highest-power oil-immersion lenses. He wished that all those who could contribute Committee of.Arrar.gements for the handsome manner in which in the nerve-cells, in consequence of which they discharged their force without adequate peripheral irritation. Hiscock and the committee in question, data of conditions existing in this country, which they themselves vouch for, all point to the fact that the slight increase suggested would not bring about any material improvement in the direction of better organization or additional personnel numerou.s cities where raw milk is when the Hiscock committee made its was utilizing an appropriation of were familiar with the milk supply of Bii-mingham at that time will substantiate the statement that the system of control was inadequate and indeed practically worthless.

We are afraid that the British poor consume unconsciously a good deal of the introduces white lead under the skin by means of needles. There was no diarrhcea and no eruption. In bleeding from the bladder, cold-water enemas and injections into the bladder itself, by the aid of a catheter, will often be of the utmost service; no metallic catheter, however, should be employed, as it often aggravates the bleeding. At present I am perfect galvanometer has yet to be devised.

However, the note is distinct that on admission it was three fingers' breadth below the costal margin. The forty private and nineteen public agencies which make up the Council may be clctssified under homes, orphanages, and boarding institutions, welfare agencies and day nursei'ies; and hospitals; religious education institutions, prisoners, aid, probationary and social centers; organizations of war veterans, and health agencies. It is a neuromuscular test and the ability displayed in it by any individual depends on strength, speed, and"beating" the test? Slowness is penalized. It may not be possible for a doctor to place a man absolutely in a pigeon hole, but his possibilities can be gauged. The conclusion is, as Brieger has so aptly put it, that unless the patient is moribund there Js no contraindications that should stay our hands. The second symptom is almost more characteristic than the first.

It does not follow, because an individual has a lame back, applies the" Poor Man's Plaster." and gets well, that the plaster has performed the cure. We can say only that one great advance is now generally recognized, and that is, that most persons of scientific training have abandoned the hypothesis, once frequently accepted, of a special" magnetic ideas on the person to be hypnotized. In conclusion we desire to add that the volume is very creditable to the American profession. Instruments sharpened and repaired at short notice.

The entire duration of the disease is generally several weeks.

These sxe pxescribed in certain cases when the digestive powea are deranged, weakened, or null: cheap. The microscope shows an advanced destruction of the renal parenchyma, which is replaced by a cicatricial connective tissue which is still granular or which has begun to be poor in granules. Alas! that the change, while it is life and health and happiness to the people, should be death to us! The truth is simply this.

Consequently, a good deal of confusion exists. The best trained modern physicians are equipped to examine and advise their clients how to keep well, and rightly expect to be consulted for this purpose and not merely to attempt the cure of an established disease. At Cuffiea the French Government put up a rough wooden barrack to replace the brick building smashed by the Germans, and the Red Cross answered a hurried call for chairs. Blank spaces are left for additional notations.

Whent he doses are progressive, a fatal termination is never seen; but we find certain troubles, described under the name of" chronic cocainism." In acute poisoning following injections given to produce analgesia (opening of abscesses, removal of teeth), the patient experiences almost at once very distressing praecordial angina.

It is;iot altogether advisable to set a hard and fast rule since in some cases there may be a very gooJ excuse for a tourist to remain several days, while in other cases there mijrht be sufficient reason for not allowing which add to the convenience of the tourist not absolutely essential but which can be provided at a minimum expense, such as tables, benches, stoves, shelter houses, sinks, electric lights, wash tubs, clothes lines and shower baths. (FRENCH) RELATIVE TOXICITY OF SOME INSECTICIDES TO THE ADULTS ANO THE MAGGOTS OF THE MELON FLY D ACUS -CUCURBIT A E-COQU I L LETT QUALITATIVE ESTIMATION OF FREE AMINO ACIDS OF DIFFERENT DEVELOPMENTAL STAGES OF KHAPRA BEETLE, ISOLATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF KIDNEY ADENOVIRUS OF REPRODUCTIVE BEHAVIOR IN THE OAMSELFL I ES ENALLAGMA-ASPERSUM-HAGEN AND ENALL AGMA-EXSUL ANS-HAGEN REPRODUCTIVE BEHAVIOUR OF THE DAMSELFLY, CHEMICAL-CONTROL OF ARMYWORM ( PSEUDALET I A-UNI PUNCT A-HAW. Others have given as much as a hundred and fifty grains. Nothing has yet been found to rival chloroform for universal convenience; but convenience may be too dearly purchased: furosemide. Sold by Druggists and Apothecaries generally in Physici ans and Druggists are respectfully cautioned against purchasing Chloroform purporting to be manufactured by us, unless put up in bottles bearing our label and seal.


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