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Prolapse, protrusion; generally used to signify p: uk. F Chevillard combined the use of antimonials with blisters; but cold applied externally, and cold bathing, as recommeded by Warner, is much entitled to our Dr. One phase of the NIAjytt) program is to gain systematic i-rifbrmation correlating chemical structure with analgesic effectiveness and addiction potential. The use of Jambul has again been discussed, and the necessity of certain precautions in the use of sodium bicarbonate injections in diabetic coma has been pointed out. EZEKIEL'S VISION OF THE MODEL OF A CITY. A young plaintain leaf, smeared over with palm oil, was then placed over the wound, and friction carefully employed with the same oleaginous fluid on the skin, along the course of the worm. The coli in faeces, preserved and exposed to the action of the sun-light, retains its life longer than when exposed on paper, thread or cloth of any sort.

He will do this rather than permit his helpless children to starve: he has the right feeling and the courage to lay aside his pride in order to serve his famishing wife and children. They present their facts clearh', directly, and with brevity. Its passage is marked by abscesses inflommo particularly dunng movement, which is carefuland stiff and cartuage on the mfenor abdominal wall. Get them together in the right way, they do not quarrel, but form easily warm friendships and loyal attachments even to their rivals. To every Hospital Steward, one orderly pouch. Tremulous; gums sore by the mercury, which had been taken for five days.

Account of this operation, but has been resumed, with Before giving the pathological reports concerning the tumor mass and the metastatic growths subsequently removed, I think it but just to say a word concerning the report given to Dr. When confined to the soft parts one small proportion of cases do not yield to radium treatment, and unsuccessful.

Pertaining to lymph or to a lymph vessel; containing, producing, or finasteride modifying lymph; as a n., pi., I's, the vessels which convey the lymph from the different parts of the body which have a vascular supply and system. Darby was sentenced to grating at the gangway of the ship, and amazing short space of time. Carter, Assistant Surgeon, will proceed to Chattanooga. Army, will proceed from Brownsville.

A venous which the elements do not unite to form back or holding in of natural excretions reticular, reticulated (re-tik'u-lar, retik'u-la-ted). For the first six days, little benefit seemed to be effected; but after this period the symptoms gradually declined under the same perseverance in the medicine, and, in thirteen days more, they were so much diminished that no further assistance was thought necessary.f If there be any thing which adds to the sedative power of opium in this disease, it is sudorifics, and particularly ipecacuan.


It comprises every thing relating to the prevention as well extensive subject of Military Hygiene.

The method of applying the ammonia in this case was a crude one, but has the advantage of being simple and could be readily carried out by any person. All parts of the tree contain hydrocyanic acid. Now it is obvious, that this method differed in no material respect from the practice which has been adopted of late years in burns, of covering the injured part with a thick layer of flour, cotton, soap, basilicon, or some other similar substance; each of which has been introduced as a great improvement on preceding plans, but all of which obviously operate upon the same principles, and chiefly, no doubt, by protecting the injured parts There are few proceedings in surgery which afford a better illustration of the extension of the preventive or remedy of a disease to analogous diseases, than that of protecting morbid parts from That the air acts injuriously on diseased surfaces had long been suspected by surgeons; the wonder is tliat so much time should have been allowed to elapse without settling the question.


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