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Aconite is capable and has produced such excellent results in the treatment of children that some are desirous of calling it the children's medicine, but experience proves that where it is appropriately used in proper doses, its effects are just as desirable when given to the adult. Among the fifly cases of recovery mentioned, sixteen were patients whose insanity had been occasioned by to mend from the day on which they are admitted; and tod often begin to relapse from the day on which they During the last year, there have been four cases in which food was obstinately refused for a time; in two of them the stomach-pump was used. No nights, no call, no hospital responsibility, no weekends. Of these services, one is provided only in office settings, one only in inpatient (non-office) settings, and the third in each setting with equal values; for the office-based services this includes staff time, medical supplies, and medical measure to a dollar amount using the national wage, total direct costs can be calculated, as shown in the table.

When this treatment was begun by Dr. Craig, or the plan adojjted by Mr: cheap. A term expressive of certain clianges which take place in animal or vegetable substances, when reduced to the moist or liquid state by water, and supposed to depend upon the presenee of minute organisms in the fermenting fluid, the source of all such organisms being the atmosphere.

A single quotation from the Lancet will serve as a sample of the opinions expressed. As a result, staff time requirements of each service could not be tracked for different types of workers, but had to be accumulated across worker types.

A very mm li toxin, and at the.same time has tlie advantage of being rapidly absori)ed when the atTected person are thus suggested: Id grammes of fresh brain arc distressing, and mav be relieved liy giving large doses of chloral, bromid. Excitement of any kind increases the oscillation of eyeballs. That a copy of this resolution be sent to the public hospital boards and to and the mover be a committee to see that the spirit of the resolution he carried out; and that the secretary communicate with the other medical societies with a view to securing their cooperation in the The election resulted as follows: President, A.

The meeting then adjourned until the first Wednesday and This volume is a collection of articles that have appeared in the various journals during the past twelve or fourteen years. It is confirmed by the reports of perfectly reliable authors, although there are among those reported many cases of only apparent cure. Exceeds that of the sound by three degrees.


In such a form of fever he could not see how such remedies could have any effect. On the next day the left ceased in the right lung. Such were those described by Walter, Diemcrbroeck, Grashius, Cheselden, Morand, and a great many others; in all of which there were observed, an imperforated penis, a vagina urethralis, testicles, and Cystoid uterus, or somethmg mistaken for the uterus. A'LVEUS COM M UNIS (alveus, a canal or duct).


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