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The fever, the pains, the nansea and vomiting, the tumefaction of the liver and spleen, continue up to the end of the paroxysm.

The attacks of angina were at times very severe, and though slie was usually unable even to move out of bed without considerable assistance, when these attacks came on she would rush out of it with surprising quickness, in order to get some ease from the distressing sensations which the attacks produced. Thomson, is at present lying ill of it. Starting with the selection of raw materials in the stockroom, their exacting control on each lot is not relaxed until after it is packed and ready far shipment. Where the rainfall is excessive embankments are necessary to preserve the crops and villages from destructive floods, and the cultivation of land is dependent on their efficiency. The wound never healed, fresh nodules appeared from the base, the edges became hard and nodular and spread rapidly by the formation of fresh nodules in the surrounding skin, so that by involved and part of the neck. From the way in which the feveral temperaments are ufually mentioned by fyftematic writers, it fhould feem as if they meant that every particular conftitution muft be referred to one or other of the four; but this is far from being reducible to pradice, fince by much the greater number of people have conftitutions fo indiftindly marked, that it is hard to fay to which of the temperaments When we adually meet with particular perfons (i.) Too much ftrength and rigidity of fibre, we ftiould look on fuch perfons as more or lefs in the valetudinary ftate, who require that thefe morbific difpofitions be particularly watched, left they fall into thofe difeafes which are allied to the daily of the inflammatory fpecies, their fcheme of preferving health fliould confift in temperate living, with refped both to diet and exercife j they fhould ftudioufly avoid immoderate drinking, and be remarkably cautious left any of the natural difcharges be checked.

The intervening connective tissue is also densely infiltrated. Serum exudes from the papillary layer, and by its pressure on the swollen cells these become elongated, and to some extent separated, but they still cohere by parts of their surfaces. Changed incidence of small-pox since Immunity of vaccinated children under Immunity of doctors, nurses, and others How efficient vaccination may be seciu'ed.

Participation in clinical drug trials will Electives for a minimum of one month are available for house officers-in-training at the University Hospital and relevant conferences in the Baltimore community can be attended. The map may have given him his first general notion of it; but his more intimate acquaintance with it, that sagacity which enables him (if I may so say) to take the right turn in the dark, can only come from the habit of perpetually traversing it. Thefe fubftances are termed poifons, and ad;, fome of them, by exciting the animal motions, and others by ftifting and fufpending them. Occasionally he is seen to stagger in then the second stage, in which there can be no longer any doubt about the nature of the complaint, is established. Passive congestion is much more distinct, owing to the large slue and numerous anastomoses of the vessels, which are greatly distended, more or less tortuous, and cause a bluish discoloration by the increase in siie of the numerous small veins. Searle's very earnest recommendation of oxygen in cholera, had he favoured his readers with the results of his own employment of this potent remedy.


The post-mortem examination disclosed the gall-bladder filled with small calculi, one of which, not larger than a small pea, had closed rity of the diagnosis in biliary calculi, and should lead us to suspect their presence when efficient means are unavailably used to relieve affections of the stomach and bowels, when M, aged about thirty-five, and found her confined to her bed, and laboring under a severe cough, accompanied with profuse expectoration: mg.

Important changes take place in tbe liver. In many cases pus is limited to the pustule and the middle layer of the rete Malpighii. Two months afterwards the teeth had become comparatively firm, and the swelling about the jaw had greatly subsided, but the dead had net completely separated from the living bone. Lugol's solution ia a convenient form in which to administer it.


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