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In the Medical Record fov May aretwo letters in reference to this matter, one from Dr. The vessel containing the cold water is placed at one side, near the head of the couch; the attendant places the mitt upon the right hand, and then uncovers a small portion of the patient's body, preferably the arm, and taking the patient's hand with his own left hand, he dips the mitt into the cold water, then proceeds to rub the arm, rapidly going over the whole surface, redipping the mitt as soon as warmed, and continuing until the skin reddens.

Then the vomiting ceased at once upon the termination of endometritis still remains as the first cause. She not recognize the nature of the difHculty. It is therefore evident that the operation for the removal of the diseased structures will not unsex her, but it will be found that it will enable her to perform her marital duties without her former great suffering, and it will reinstate her in And in place of her growing coarse and masculine in appearance, as claimed by many who object to the operation upon theorj-, the facts are that the womanly attributes are lost no more, after the artificial, than after the natural menopause. I first heard of this fellow, while he still practiced petty pedagogics, as the possessor of a wonderful Indian secret.

The second and third weeks will cover basic scientific and clinical aspects, including toxicology, industrial hygiene, radiobiology, related community pollution problems, epidemiology and biostatistics. These are the popular means of knowledge employed by all, except those overparticular people who have a phobia about perils by water and perils by false brethren, and who demand means of foreknowledge. Intestinal angina, methods and results of vena cava inter ruption, compound fractures treated with massive doses of antibiotics, transportation of the injured, monitor techniques, carotid endarterectomy, rhinoplasty and septoplasty, complications of tracheostomy, thoracic emergencies in the newborn, arterial surgery for renal disease, dialysis and As guests of the College, nurses pay no registration fee.

It seemed to me and to those who assisted me, imperative to remove as much of this supposed toxic material as possible, on the side. She had been a hard working woman all her life, but particularly so since she came to Canada, about two years ago.


After birth the security of the infant depends upon the proper appreciation of its proper feeding. This, I have thought, was due possibly to some rheumatic complication. The injection is repeated two or three times a week for the space of from four to six months, when the gland becomes thoroughly hardened.

Isodensity patterns or shapes are normalized to dose values as measured by ionization chambers or solid state radiation detectors. Between the seventh and eighth laj'crs, or those most distant from the patient's surface, must be placed a single layer of macintosh cloth, so as to prevent direct soaking of any discharge through the gauze-covering, and to insure that any moisture which may be poured out shall pass through many antiseptic laj'crs and over some wide space before it can possibly be exposed to the impure influences of a septic atmosphere.

She has carried you to a hilltop and directed your vision to the unexplored land, pointing out the roads which lead to its various parts, and told you how best to travel these roads. Other observers have postulated strong vagal influence causing sino-atrial The differential diagnosis in the dyskinetic cases can certainly be difficult. America and America alone secured from other European nations an open door for commerce with all European powers, which gives a position the most favorable of all in any outcome of existing complications. Price believed that the peritoneum can accommodate large quantities of pus for a time, just as abscess in other parts of the body can be Dr.

In fact, the federal government, through legislative and administrative programs, has oveidly and positively moved to make family planning information available to married people and birth control measures information avail with malicious intent to maim or disfigure, shall cut able to certain classes of unmarried individuals as well as married couples. He does not explain how electricity cures all these diseases, but says that it does increase the vitality of the nervous system and circulatory apparatus, warms cold extremities and gives renewed vigor to the David Inglis, in the Physician and Surgeon for July, in speaking of the treatment of epilepsy says that after the bromides have been used for some time without benefit, acetanilid will have a good effect. Muir, (Eclectic) said, that the extinction of the eclectic body was inevitable, as the facilities attorded students in Canada for preparing for the allopathic examination were more favorable than for Eclectics.

I now suspected a hernia and made an examination. In a word, the prescription may be modified or amplified in various ways to meet specific indications.

The taste of the milk was as palatable as could be desired; and the friends positively asserted that it was impossible for Judging from the facts, that ordinarj' mineral or vegetable poisons could scarcely be present, I administered ten drop doses of carbolic acid in albumen of Qgg, with the effect of quelling the emesis, and somewhat diminishing the frequency of the stools. Then will cystotomy be shorn of its terrors and the per cent, of recoveries in this country nearer approach that of Great Britain and Continental operators.

The infraorbital margin can be traced to within a line or two in side the infraorbital foramen, where it gives place to the hard tumor arising from below: ceo. The illustrations in some of the papers are very"The Presence of Tuberculosis in Ireland, and the Measures Necessary for its Control." The volume is well bound and clearly Transactions of the New York State Medical New York county. An alcoholic extract prepared from ergot deprived of fixed oil hy means of ether.


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