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In healing, the two layers of the pleura may adhere and obliterate the cavity, or adhesions may form between the lungs and chest wall, or a permanently thickened pleura may remain as an after-result. Information traveled slowly by packet ship, canal boat and stage coach. Professor Sehwartze, the reviver of this operation, has cases are seized with this dangerons after complication, of Avhich I had several examples bronght under my notice while his gne.st in Halle, studying the operation. The apparatus consists of an inverted vacuum bottle, fitted with outlets, a soft rubber dispensing tube, and, connected with a gauze glass, a drop chamber, together with devices for controlling the flow of solution.

The first was had in all these cases which he has analyzed? Dr. A diagnosis of uremia was made.

There is found neither albumin nor casts. These studies were begun in the latter part of count by Klebs in this country and by various other observers in Europe. This procedure results also in placing the ligature, which ties off the pedicle of the hemorrhoid, at the upper part of the anal canal, generally in fact in the lower rectum, where its presence is not a source of irritation to the more sensitive anal structures below.

Aside from those cases of so-called syphilitic endo- and pericarditis which, if at all connected with syphilis, are, as a rule, merely secondary to other primary lesions, we find the gumma, the interstitial or fibrous myocarditis and the syphilitic endarteritis, with their sequelae, as the typical forms in which syphilis is manifested in the heart: professional. This is an illustration, to digress for a moment, of the fact of not infrequent occurrence, that those who trust alone to auscultation by means of stethoscopes are liable to overlook or miss those indications of disease which are produced beneath the layer of normal, or nearly normal, lung tissue.

The subject has not been properly taught in our medical "cenforce" schools, and even in our best institutions the time devoted to the subject is inadequate to instil properly the finer technical points. The nozzle is directed over the back of the tongue care being taken to avoid touching it or the palate.

He was also unable to excrete THE ARCHIVES OF IXTERXAL MEDICINE potassium chloric! any better than sodium chlorid.

Most commonly it may occur by extension of inflammation from ribs or pericarditis with effusion, which may be serofibrinous, Acute pUistic is the most common. The only change, in the latter periods, in the microscopic appearance of the sediments, was a somewhat greater, but still not a great, amount of fatty granular matter in the tube casts and epithelium. That the rked excess of urobilinogen excreted during the day is in fact to be associated witli the processes of digestion, is shown by the inversion of this relationship when the food is taken during the night, as is shown in the curves of two-hourly urobilinogen amounts in the case of The constancy with which any generalized interference with the liver is followed by urobilinogcnuria. A colonic irrigation or drink enema may be given in the middle of the night if the weather is warm and the patient complains of thirst. The axilla is a most convenient region for ascertaining the temperature when the patient is asleep, or when he is delirious and there is danger of his breaking the thermometer. But worse even than this, is the enormous tax on the already overstrained emunctories that the ingestion of large amounts of proteins and fate causes. Babkbb, Now and Fi.exner demonstrated the Dr. However, nucleohiston does have some destructive action on diphtheria toxin after the mixture has stood for some time in vitro, although separate injections do not protect animals (Novy). As an executive officer he wished to carry out the opinion of experts, but he had not the power.


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