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At sixteen he left the school 100 for good, determined not to try for admission to the Ecole Polytechnique or to be a soldier, as was his father before him. Because of the multiplicity of medications commonly used in the practice of anesthesia, unequivocal relationship to a specific drug administered usually cannot be established. Some large bubbling rales were heard over the larger tubes and smaller bubbling rales at the right apex.


The latter often causes the mistaken diagnosis of cystitis, but the bladder pain is more properly a neuralgia, sympathetic with the urethral irritation. In fact, I think it would be for the benefit of the profession, and especially workers in physical science, if these published papers were printed again in some combined form. I do not suppose that the canned fruit would be worth much, as that, as a rule, consists of the inferior stock. It was an unsuitable term because it appeared to suppose that this perversion was accompanied by hallucinations, which was not the case. Mit breiter Eroffnung des Peritonetims, an der Vaginal fixation in the treatment of the retro-displacement Uterus nach abdommaler Koliotomie (Vesico- vaginofixatio Uterus (Displacements of, Treatment of) A review of vaginal fixation of the uterus, with the report of a'. A few i days later the man died suddenly during the night. Thus in the first half of the first year the students devote themselves exclusively to the study of anatomy, including histology and embryology. The tongue may be clean or furred, and with the progress of more important symptoms referrible to the nervous system (namely neuralgic pauis, dehrium, and coma) have already been enumerated, and we need not recur to them. Perhaps the Ilea may be found lo be a true carrier, not really diseased by it nor acting a- a medium of mechanical transfer, like the flies in spreading infection by their legs. Simon restricts his discussion of Faeces to four pages and presents in them little oi the The recent accumulation of valuable investigations pertaining to bacterial action in the alimentary tract, especially from the viewpoint of the products formed and their action upon the organism would lead one to expect a liberal chapter on this subject, but the author The chemical physiology of the cell has also been the object of much study in late years, particularly from the viewpoint of enzymes and their roles in metabolism.

Extraordinary pains are to be taken to guard against the possibility of infection being spread from the laboratory. Only the diseases of animals have been fm considered. During previous year menstruated every two months.

Particularly active are the Groupe Europeen de Curietherapie, the Working Party on the Use of Radionuclides, and the British Institute of Radiology. A point of interest cited by Tuck was the fact that in one large city (Shuang cheng Fu), there may be other reasons as well as dirt and poverty to account for the high mortahty.

In some cases there is restlessness, transient delirium or maniacal excitement, occasionally attended by convulsions, or complete insensibility; in some cases, on the other hand, the mental condition is wholly unimpaired from first to last. He claims remarkably good results with no fatal hemorrhages or Against this theory arc the facts; That the bacilli are found in the blood during the first week in almost every case. Indicum are described Preparations in liq. Sac not dissecteil out or ligatured stitched in position, gut opened and brought out, tapped and evacuated, and returned.


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