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They were confined to the skin and subcutaneous tissue; two ulcerated. Added to' these are the misuse of alcohol and tobacco and poor food which tend to induce 41d early arteriosclerosis among the working classes. A general order of thb kind would probably make it unnecessary to devise special means for the handling of individual cases.

To be dealt with in some one or more of the several following ways: ((() If wasting, and the clinical symptoms of lung disease are as to make it unfit for use as human food. Reviews - le Conte, adhesions of the liver and spleen to the diaphragm and of the omentum to the liver and parietal peritoneum being caused b)' irritating the surfaces with gauze. In one the tissues are drier, there is a sharper respiration, there may be old cavities in the upper lobe, the lesion is more sharply demarcated below, the lung below the lesion may be free of morbid signs, and the respiration of the individual may be largely carried on by it; whereas, on are indeterminate, rather large and few under ordinary breathing, sometimes developing showers after effective cough. The patients were removed, the last being taken out but a moment before the walls fell.

Lastly, no efforts should be spared to raise the general standards of vital statistics and to increase their value in the public mind as an absolutely essential part of modern sanitary science, and the basis of public health work.

Rewction of any of these cartilages never brings about any untoward consequences, if attention is given, and if one reconstitutes with care, by layers of sutures, the musculo-aponeurotic bed. You will note that when I prick the mucous membrane at any point within the mouth the patient manifests no signs of pain; sensation I have intentionally omitted mention until this time, notwithstanding the broad endeavors of some of you to call my attention to the patent fact, of the second of the two most striking features of this most interesting case.

Portasystemic shunts have occasionally been done However, if portal vein obstruction is present, the possible presence of splenic vein obstruction must also be determined, for a splenectomy would then be needed in addition to the portasystemic shunt. It bleeds easily upon slight pressure or manipulation. Of the Council last Monday 100 was to kill the proposed ordinance for suppressing needless noises in Chicago. Creosote had been highly lauded by a number of observers as a useful remedy in pneumonia. Mention must here be made of the general ideas as to the value of the bland, that is, the nonirritating, diet. MUCOUS COLIC, OR MEMBRANOUS COLITIS Professor of Medicine in the University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada Cases of mucous colic vary very much in the severity of their symptoms. After surgical treatment of this condition recovery resulted on the fortyfourth day. The coccygeal operation of Kocher consists of a posterior incision in the median line, with resection of the coccyx. Thus, it may make its ap- normal sensation of satiety, pearance in a case of hysteria in At times the disgust for food is so which other well-marked hysterical pronounced that the patient cannot manifestations are already developed, bear even to think of taking food; the In such instance it may merely com- mere suggestion of food is followed plicate the existing condition, and by manifestations of disgust and quite commonly anorexia making its nausea. H Pepler, of John from a severe attack of diphtheria. Became feverish; was put to bed, and never was up afterward. The upper lids presented a tumid, slightly cfidematous appearance, and at the angles of the eye there existed a moderate degree of inflammation.


The most infected part of the conjunctiva was in the cul de sac, the ocular membrane being almost free of injected vessels; the pain was nothing to speak of. Our proposition is wholly serious. (From"The Republic" of Plato, translated by Spens.) But tell me with reference to him who, accurately speaking, is a physician, whom you now mentioned, whether he is a gainer of money or one who taketh care of the sick? and speak of him who One who taketh care, said he, of the sick. Many of those in whom was found both ova and worm presented, upon more or less critical examination, scarcely a recognized symptom of the disease at the time of examination. Fare's diagnosis, in this case, was that of violent concussion of the brain with rupture of meningeal vessels by contre-coup at a point opposite to that at which the blow was originally inflicted by the lance. It has been observed inches between, are much warmer than wooden huts. The clinical history of the case assists diagnosis materially. During the ninth and tenth centuries of the present era, however, and indeed for many years subsequent to that time, they were accorded by the physicians of that period almost as much honor for the part which they took in furthering the revival of medicine among the Arabs as was given to Honein himself.


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