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Milhau ranked as one of the best surgeons of the war, was a judicious operator, a keen diagnostician, and an officer of gieat executive ability.


As emphasizing the importance of such external irritants and infections, it should be noted that the disease bears an appreciable relation to the filth and wet of the stable and farm yard, and to the absence of cleanliness in dealing with the feet, and that the extension of good pavement and protection from road mud have invariably lessened its prevalence. There is nothing diagnostic about the symptoms. Thus you have congestion, stagnation, fermentation, "cenforce" precipitation and deposits of casein or cheesy matter in the cells and cellular membranes, which is the beginning- of the progressive action of tuberculosis or pulmonary consumption. Eczema and other skin eruptions affecting the lids are additional causes, while old and debilitated dogs are especially subject to the affection. 100 - it is often connected with inflammatory or subinflammatory condition of the mucous lining of the stomach. Therefore it is comforting, pos.sibly, to the fearsome of this kin to learn from a recent writer' that we have nothing to fear from overpopulation for the next few centuries, as it has been calculated that the earth, properly cultivated, will provide space and food for forty times the inhabitants it has at present, providing the Sahara be irrigated by artesian wells and Mesopotamia be rid of fever by the planting of a few million eucalyptus trees and the cultivation of the greater part of South America be accomplished by the establishment of waterways and railroads through the vast forests of the Orinoco and Amazon. One author recommends hypodermic injections of ammonia, and Another good example is the heart failure in pneumonia. Closely allied and somewhat similar conditions are elevator- and car- sickness. Ten years later, Stephen Montgrffier, who, with his brother Joseph, were paper-makers in France, made a silk envelope lighter hy the expansion of its volume by heat, which rose to the roof of a room; its most common successor of to-day being the familiar toy fire-balloon. Discharge of bacilli in the urine may continue for a considerable period, but this can be speedily Belin has treated all wounds with the application of powdered potassium permanganate.

The peritoneum absorbs water with great rapidity, and in cases of profound shock following operations upon the abdominal and pelvic organs, no other means acts as speedily and efficiently in restoring the circulation as does flooding the peritoneal cavity with hot water. Heart approached in usual way with no collateral injury. His cough was spasmodic, the sputum being rusty and small in amount, and he expectorated over everything. Suggestive; however, is a more or less foul discharge from the nose when it is streaked with blood and detritus, and traced with precision to the infundibulum, or, in the case of sarcoma, recurrent hemorrhages, traced to the same region. In addition to a germicidal influence it adds to cellular resistance, as a result of which the luxuriant gefm growth becomes inhibited, until finally the purulent process becomes reduced to the point where the resistance of the involved tissues turns the tide toward healthy granulation.

Small wards are also eonvenient for teaching purposes.

Antimony is similarly a cutaneous stimulant and is sometimes useful in chronic inactive conditions.

Osborn, hospital corpsman in the Philippine Insurrection, and later a doctor in Wisconsin and Tennessee. The resulting excoriations and sores add Treatment. There are two or three points in the case which we will especially consider. I have scarcely mentioned treatment, having followed the usual line.

On the loss of sleep, on the feebleness and rai)idity of the heart's action, on fluor albus in women; also in changing or clearing up the local signs.


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