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Albins affords the greatest satisfaction to those using it.

They are thorough reactionaries in spirit. Contributions of pharmacy the class of works mentioned are therefore respectfully and earnestly solicited from every source. Sullivan of Roxbury, Mass., recently filed in the Suffolk BOSTON MEDICAL AXD SURGICAL JOURNAL ARGUMENT IN FAVOR OF SENATE BILL By The Committee ox Workmen's Compensation of the Massachusetts Medical Society. They who ate of this portion did not suffer, with the exception of one individual who ate of it while it was only slightly warm.

Under these conditions a little more moisture is needed. Who had hit his wrist againsl a broom handle four year- previously, complained of numbness and weakness and he had a fragment of hone removed. A great majority of the cases of external piles when treated by the palliative methods will recover without an operation, only the more chronic or highly inflamed cases requiring surgical treatment. A high uric acid content was observed in the majority of the cases immediately after the seizure and also the products of low oxidation, the xantin bases, are augmented.

Hsemorrhagica, for example streptococci, pneumococci, and B. Landon adopted the use of grooved chronic gonorrhoea, cocoa-butter being the menstruum, Falk tried the antrophors introduced by Stephan, of Dresden, being thin spiral pieces of metal which were covered with the medication in an easy coating of glycerine. These cases do not show any marked tendency to dementia in many persons, and may exist for years. It goes without saying that these men do not exhibit the true scientific spirit. 'Monthly Bulletin, Department of Health, New Haven, Conn., March, MEDICAL SERVICES AND MEDICAL AND Medical Adviser, Massachusetts Industrial Accident Tueee is a principle in socio-economics known as the economy of human energy.

Crosse, in four hundred cases of uterine online inversion, found"forty in connection with the presence of a polypus in the interior of the womb; the accident sometimes taking place spontaneously, in other instances resulting from traction at the outgrowth in some attempt to accomplish its removal." the spontaneous cure of polypi must sometimes be recognized. The upper portion of the body shows the disease most commonly, though it is by no means unknown Early in the disease the appearance of the skin may seem to be but little altered, but on examining more carefully the normal texture is seen to be changed, the natural furrows and" lines of cleavage" are obliterated, and very often a slight amount of patchy erythema is observed.

Time would not permit me to particularize, nor if it did have I any well-matured plan to offer now whereby this injustice to our calling may be righted; let it suffice for the present that the matter is brought to the attention of medical men as one meriting their earnest thought, and in the hope that it will receive consideration that will show forth in fruits; for, as we owe fealty both to the State and our profession, let us be jealous that our rights as physicians shall not be encroached upon, either designedly or inadvertently, by the former. Based on the expert estimate that there are between one and two million habitual narcotic drug user's in the United tates, it is assumed"The habitual user of narcotic drugs is more frequently found in the large rather than in the small cities and rural districts. Act promptly; Sample and Literature on Request Weak Pregnancy and Deficient lactation.

There was left a large open wound in the deltoid region, from which a flap of skin had been dissected to be turned into the arm pit.

The medical student, after his four years of study and his hospital service, boldly (sometimes, alas, too boldly) grasps his scalpel and, without a quiver, undertakes delicate major operations which were undreamed of by the man who graduated twenty-five or thirty years ago; and this is so commonplace, so much a matter of daily occurrence, that I doubt whether we can take it in, whether we see the wonder of it. I believe that certain definite conditions must be fulfilled in the choice of a Caesarean section in placenta praevia, good condition and uninfected, the cervix must be rigid and the os undilated, and the fetus must be alive and viable.


His widow, Lowando Dresser Pedrick, and a son and daughter survive him. Therefore, we recommend that this communication be referred to the Council.


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