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He advocated the very free use of opium throughout the disease, and in all cases. The address, which was elaborately illuminated on five pages, and handsomely bound in book form, with a suitable inscription, i signed by eighty-six medical men, congratulated Dr. Cantharides may be taken to cause albuminuria.

Say you saw it in the NEW YORK STATE JOURNAL OF MEDICINE Your Counsel's reply was as follows: when a physical examination is arranged for the benefit of the defendant in a personal injury action, there is an implied understanding that the examining physician is entitled to see any and all x-rays taken with reference examining physician for the defendant cannot compel the production of prior x-rays. "Why is there no one to break his leg on this dreadful pavement of the town? Certainly, there occur many robberies, burglaries, and.assassinations in Constantinople; but it is only by chance that one of these outrages is perpetrated in the neighbourhood of a chemist; and, if it occur, the foreign physician is sure to be found in a hastened to the spot before the chemist's apprentice had had time to fetch the friend of the house from the beer-table." This is rather a bitter caricature, no doubt; but there must be some foundation even for A FCETUS IN ADIPOCERE. The most noteworthy feature in the use of the hospital during the year was the stamping out by its aid of two outbreaks of typhus in account of the detailed sanitary improvements effected is very full, but of no general interest.

The maximum dose is reached by the end of the first week.

The amount given might rise to hence the larger quantities. Many small children will not take milk when well, and cannot take it, no matter what the process of preparing it may be, when they are sick. We find a very definite increase of this condition during Another warning signal in children that a physical struggle is or has been taking place is enlargement of the cervical glands. In such cases of advancea suppuration the proper treatment will either be to let them run thetf course without operation, but with every care as to general hygiene, or, in the case of the extremities (exoUuling the hip), to subject them to amputation, which, though it maim them, nevertheless preserves them in many cases from the risks ot septic or tubercular infection, local or general, and from amyloid disease and exhaustion. For this purpose all the present inhabitants are to be removed, the harbor is to be rendered secure to shipping, and every facility supplied for the comfort of passengers, and the thorough cleansing and disinfection of themselves, their effects, and the pilgrim ships.


A summons has been issued against ilrs. Tumor about the size of a small egg, Lard, and painful. On his recommendation, the director of the hospitals of the Second German Army Corps gave orders that all cases of typhoid fever were to be treated systematically in this manner. To this first class belong many cases of clinical otosclerosis. The latter are preferable, as they are bad con ductors of heat. As trepanation is not a very dangerous operation, it would be better to do this than to have the slightest doubt. Febricula, ague, clonidine a few cases of erysipelas and mild enteric fever, were the only entries in this class of disease. From the clinical historj' and the result, I am inclined to think it was a multiple abscess of the liver. It constitutes thus far the only visible characteristic evidence of the disease, that the essential pathologic bhange is an in flammation of the intestinal wall especially involving the small intestine. Cheesman then exhibited the following specimens: The first one was a potato which had been cut in half without antiseptic precautions, and one-half smeared with the soil clinging to the outside of the potato, and the other half with a culture of B. The Batoum district, Russia, furnished us cream of tartar, glycerine, licorice, saffron, corkwood, clearing-house for the world, we received drugs and and silver dollars, which are apparently a drug on the THE CONFIDENTIAL RELATIONS OF THE The recent decision of Judge Cole, of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, holding that physicians and lawyers are not exempted from giving testimony when called upon in court, on the ground that such information was professionally confidential, will strike everyone who learns of it with becoming surprise. Geyser Water is particularly palatable because of its supersaturation with People who indulge in sports of an active nature will be invigorated by it. The mitral valves were nearly normal, and the aortic valves, though slightly thickened, were perfectly competent The aorta was the seat of very extensive chronic deforming endarteritis, as shown by numerous patches of atheroma, atheromatous ulceration, sclerosis, calcification, etc.


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