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As a rule, is not very serious. From a military viewpoint he is a poor soldier and has been untrue to his country in not keeping himself physically fit to perform his duties.


It may occur spontaneously and be a primary lesion. In one acromegalic case blanching lasted forty-five minutes. He thought the trouble was that we tried to apply a good thing Dr. One physician testified that he would consider the applicant totally disabled, and that this condition of total disability was due in large part to the original injury. In this philanthropic labor, the coordinated efforts of the three governmental public health services will accomplish far more than the non-correlated acts of the separate departments. Many infants, when gastro-intestinal disturbances arise, are taken from the breast and fed artificially. Cases of both acute and chronic pancreatitis can be explained by a theory of the invasion of the pancreatic lymphatics from the inflamed gall-bladder, stomach, or retroperitoneal tissue. The statements of Bartels, Wagner, Fleischer, and others to the contrary are readily explainable on the grounds that their method, that of Heintz, was defective. The life of an animal intoxicated to the degree of toxsemic shock may be saved if there is time to inject sufficient antitoxin to neutralize the Serotherapy is therefore indicated in cases of burns if the injection of serum can be made very rapidly so as to prevent the action of the toxins. Nor is it well to divorce these higher forces from the The good physician sets in motion the obscure and subtle forces which play on the sensibilities of the patient. They seem to send people away here and there and everywhere on fancies. Meeting for re-organization April Transactions of the Medical Society of the State together with the Code of Ethics, Constitution, Constitution, By-Laws, Officers, Standing Gom.mittees and Members of the San Francisco Medical Society; also, the Code of Ethics adopted by the Society, and the Inaugural The first of these pamphlets at once attracts tique-faced type.

Of the suggestion that the true virus is a filter passer, it has been said that it is only a cloak to our ignorance as to its nature; though the results of some recent experiments by NicoUe and Lebailly, communicated to the Academic des Sciences, Paris, the other day by Professor Roux, Director of the Pasteur Institute, affords some evidence that a filter-passing virus does exist. He had arranged a series of cases under four groups. Malaria is almost absent, because few of our vessels cruised last year in malarial infected ports in Central America and the West Indies. Such valves as have been found in the lymphatics about the pulmonary vein have been found in the neighborhood of the hilum and they open toward the hilum. The work should appeal forcibly to the physician who has neither the time nor the preliminary training for the study of text-books of physical chemistry, but who must, as a member of a learned profession, have a certain understanding of a branch of science which touches his own at many secretions to realize how very infantile the science of medicine is. We are reminded in this connection of a remark recently made by the able editor of the Medical Press (Eng.), who said"a certain factor has to be taken into account when attempting to correlate mental capacity with the size of brain. The moral sentiment of the people must be educated in order to make such laws of any value; by Dr. Clicadle quoted from a tombstone in Cheltenham Parish churchyard the following lines:" Here lies I and my two daughters, lulled by drinking Cheltenham waters; If we had stuck to Epsom salts, We shouldn't liave been lying in these here vaults." Dr.

In eighteen hours thereafter she had voided only that this success must not mislead us to deiuand more of decapsulation than it is capable of yielding. This diplopia is converted into normal vision of one flame (theoretically white from the fusion of the two complementary colors), by having the subject relax or contract his convergence, guided by the red and green luminous points. All these came from the vegetable world.

Reilly of New York said that in angina there was danger of a patient dying in a second attack and for that reason the family should be warned of the danger. He gives further figures in levodopa detail from a number of cases of cancer of the liver, pancreas, etc., and from healthy corresponding organs,"all testifying to a double or almost triple proteolytic ferment action in the tissues around the cancer, not in the cancer itself. It was not brought forth complete by the foresight or careful study of any man or group of men in the seclusion of an office, but was a gradual development, each improvement being introduced as occasion required.


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