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Some adults liave been tormented by this condition from their earliest childhood, and have found their studies and occupations greatly interfered with; so that this double mental exertion, a part of tire them out into alienation. There was a rapid loss of strength, together with the other annoyances connected with an intestinal fistula in the upper part of the tract, so, four days later, connection was made with the transverse colon with good result. There is much truth in Xiemeyer's assertion"that it is not possihie hy means of the niicroscojie to n'eojriiize all the alterations of the mnsciiLir ponernlly admit. We can thus congratulate both the institution and the new professor on the selection which the Senate has just made.

Fracture of both Bones of the LegSimple Diseases and Injuries not classified. In horses these calculi generally contain carbonates and phosphates of lime, carbonate of magnesia, traces of iron and occasionally silicates; those of the cow, sheep "order" and goat are at times rich in silicates or magnesium phosphate, but also contain calcium carbonate or triple phosphate. There are also cases in which the patients are overwhelmed with the poison and die comatose, without the preliminary stage of -Mllapse. This form of diarrhoea is essentially periodic, it is marked by progressive deterioration of the secreting apparatus with a tendency to shedding of the epithelium of the villi.

It is darkbrown, soluble in water, alcohol, online and ether.

If the salt be when it is heated on a boiling water-bath, but at higher temperatures the salt is completely cephalexin cues an irritant poison. In the Px'ofessor Brouardel will introduce the subject of adidteration, and M.

Sometimes the introduction of the finger far hack into the throat will relieve the spasm.

"With this statement I fully agree, but the observations of Curschmann have directed attention to a feature in asthma which has been neglected; namely, that in a nuijority of the cases it is associated with an exudation, such as might be supposed to come from a turgescent mucosa and which is of a very cluiracleristic and pecnliar character. Bronzing is slight or does not occur run a more rapid course. When the hand is placed over the region of a heart thus diseased, the fremissement cataire, or purring of cat agitation is distinctly appreciated, and the same when the head or stethoscope is applied on the same region. A prolonged discussion upon some of the points raised served to show very clearly that the nature and origin of the phenomena so frequently grouped together under that convenient title, are as far as ever from any clear and comprehensible definition. The attack may bo associated with neuralgia or, as Salter mentions, even alternate with epilepsy. DUBLIN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCE. In thisway the patient at once gets rid of his malady without any pain, and the danger of relapse is as far as possible guarded ringworm on the forearm having resisted all known remedies, the Faradic current was applied as an experiment, the positive pole being applied to the elbow and the flat negative electrode passed repeatedly over the seat of the disease.


Double pneumonia is when both lungs participate in the inflammation, as is commonly the case in children; and pleuropneumonia is the term applied to the disease, when the inflammation affects at the same time both the lungs and pleura.

Exposure of dissociated cells to butanol completely ronioved the protein(s) responsible for reaggregation of the cells without impairing their viability. This view, consequently, ascribes the phenomena of asphyxia chiefly to the circulation of blood that has not been oxygenated in the lungs, or, in other words, of blood devoid of the proper excitant agency, and subsequently, to arrest of the blood in the capillaries of the lungs, which occasions the flow of arterial blood towards the left heart to be arrested. As a humble one among your many Friends I have tried to make you better acquainted with that their companionship with and knowledge of Jesus may grow ever sweeter with the lengthening years and I commend for your study the following lines by Arthur Guiterman:"Because on the branch that is tapping my pane Is bursting its rusty brown sheathing in twain, I know there is spring in the world. These remarks apply especially to the new edition of Murchison's" Continued Fevers," which has been edited with singular discretion by Dr. The temperature fell to normal on the ninety-ninth day.


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