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Few surrender immediately to their illnesses. Toronto School, and upon graduating practiced for a short time at Jarvis; but removed to Dunnville, where he in a little while secured a busy practice. We expect with a lively impatience the continuation of this magnificent work, in uk which scrofulous cutaiieous diseases will be treated. You have not only been great mentors, but To my family: Thank you for encouraging The University of Michigan, B.A.

The wluile of the parts operated on were the inner end of tlie eyelids.

With power Botanist to Government, Madras, to be Examiner on Botany; David London, to be Examiner on Medical Jurisprudence. Terillon presented a mould of a case of perforating ulcer of the hands, similar in every way to the well-known perforating disease of the foot. Enclosed areas of restricted space, such as small clearings, etc will be avoided. In many of the latter the disease appears to have been contracted elsewhere; however, there can be no doubt that the conditions of this locality are eminently favorable to the development of that class of complaints.

A person by the name of Appletoq, married a Smith oi Haverhill, supposed to be the Mrs (buy). May not these experiments explain many of those numerous cases"seen in children in which pathologists are unable to decide the mode of invasion? In the series of autopsies could not determine the portal of entry. LUKE'S HOSPITAL FOR LUNATICS-Second Clinical Assistant. It is therefore good economy to build hospitals in this manner, and there can be little doubt that, as stated by Sir George Ballingall,"such a measure would be favorable to the interests of the sick." With regard to Army hospitals it is necessary to consider more than present necessities. I he lesion fills and expands the fourth ventricle, and then extends laterally into the cerebellar hemisphere. Our post hospitals are all small, ranging in capacity, in most cases, from five to thirty beds, and there should therefore be little difficulty in their proper arrangement. Rise is noted in the agglutination curve. There had been constant dull ache with paroxyms of acute sharp pain lasting from three to five days, with slight elevation of temperature, necessitating rest in bed.

Until nothing but clear boric acid solution flows If, however, all efforts at catheterism fail, recourse must be had to filiform bougies.


On each side are half an inch apart, thus allowing the water to enter. (Y our signature is essential when paying by credit card) (Please print your billing address) (Please print your billing address) (Please print your billing address) POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE wjm western journal of medicine POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE wjm western journal of medicine POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE wjm western journal of medicine Surely such simplistic pathology was consigned to the rubbish heap once the modern germ theory of disease came in decay triggers physical decay. I know of several physicians who have had this from the cranking of an automobile; others from sudden heavy lifting. Cole in answer to some criticisms on the danger of pure carbolic, said that in the Hudson Street Hospital, he and his assistants used it as free as water, and that in his experience of several thousand cases, he never had seen even a suggestion of poisoning from the use of pure acid. Jones In a small strangulated hernia, with the strangulation not caused by the arch, it would be no difficult matter to return the tumour to the abdomen, by dividing Gimbernat's ligament, and thereby giving room carried forcibly upwards at the level of the neck of the sac, it would be thereby stripped from the inside of the abdominal walls, and if it, by pressure of the hernia, become attached to the fascia in its neighbourhood, or if the constriction were by the mouth of the sheath, it would carry the fascia with it: even in the healthy subject it is e.isier to separate the fascia from the mu.sclcs than the jicriloneum from the Sir A. W., anicsthesia by injection of hydratoof foreign bodyin.fiiHt: connection of intlammntion W., the rectum in itn relation to uterine Eminema treated bv thoracentesis, Mr. Even if in every case of diabetes mellitus it were possible to accurately determine the relation of the disease to the pancreas, the application of this knowledge to the treatment of the case would not at present be clear.


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