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We refer to women suffering from cardiac affections whom it is our duty either to dissuade from marrying or if they are already married to warn against allowing themselves to become pregnant.

The bile, forced out of the liver and the gall-bladder into the duodenum, ascends partly into pills the stomach, and escapes along with its contents.

Its stimulant action on the ulcer itself cannot be insured till we can directly apply the unchanged nitrate. In the four experiments the results were the same.

If, as stated by Fiaher, it Aamid be fonad be correct in comparing the inflaenee of lactncin o?er the poke to thas of dEgrtalin, and in aacribing to it the propertiea of h ye i "zenegra" iag tke animal heat, dilating the pupil, and prodadng eleep and etnpor; re shall certainly be jnRified in placing lact a m aii am among the citant action of opium might prove iDJurioiuu Not haying, at least in an equal degree, the property of cheeking the Becretiona, it is better adapted to the early stages of catarrhal disease; and, perhaps, its most advantageous application is to the aUeviation of cough.

One able eye surgeon will advocate one method, while another of equal ability will condemn it.


Pyoctosol is another vasogene, which gives excellent results in the treatment of wounds, preventing or controlling tetanus, Cadosol, or vasogene with oil of cade, is indicated for the treatment of all skin diseases. Suppose it is very necessary for me to call the attention of our readers to the many advantages that our practice has already derived from the use of Tallianine, but I may be permitted to mention a communication which was made lately by Mr. The direction thoroughly to shake the bottle is important, as otherwise the patient will be apt to drink only the supernatant liquid; by far the larger portion of the salt remaining undissolved at the bottom. The succeeding chapters are devoted to special organs and the morbid changes found in diseases of each of them, with a concluding chapter on tissue changes produced by the animal parasites. Young men of refinement and education cannot be expected to enter the profession in large numbers unless they can be assured, as they can, that they will be admitted cordially into just as good society as veterinarians as they would be in any other profession or calling. The most frequent exciting cause is direct extension, either from the nasopharynx or the external canal. In the course of the microscopic examination of the cord a minute lump of gray matter only one millimetre in diameter was found misplaced in the posterior white columns of plate.) The mass was so small that only a few sections could be cut of it, and, as the sections passed through it, the misplaced lump became.smaller, and finally ended in the neuroglia strands of the posterior columns. In front the right side of the chest is flattened. Extract of Rhubarb (Extractum Rhbi, U. An injury which is quite common among dogs. Erdmann said that he had been reminded by the first ease reported of one he had seen at the workhouse femoral artery and vein. And technical expressions, if it is necessary to use them, should be followed by translation into popular language. In two thirds of all cases, and is identical with that of exophthalmic goitre; fine, vibratory, and closely resembling the socalled alcoholic tremor. Finally, vigilance should not be relaxed because of absence of subjective symptoms pointing to renal complications, which, as I have shown, may progress to an advanced stage without any symptoms which would A CONTRIBUTION TO THE STUDY OF ASSISTANT IN NEUROLOGY, VANDERBILT CLINIC; ALMSHOUSE, WORKHOUSE, AND INCURABLE HOSPITALS, NEW YORK, TUTOR IN HISTOLOGY, COLLEUE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS, ASSISTANT PATHOLOGIST TO ROOSEVELT HOSPITAL. " Complete Nervous Prostration, with One Year of Confinement in Bed and Chronic Bladder Troubley that she had walked a mile and a half." I should say that this was a wonderful result indeed, for this patient had been confined to her bed for a year, yet on the second day after a graduated tenotomy upon one of the eye muscles she walks a mile and a half.

And such rapid development is very likely to take place at the expense of the disease-resisting powers of the animal. He referred to the prevalence of catarrhal ophthalmia in the Central London District Schools; and recommended the following measures to be employed in all such instances. It should be remarked, however, that the peculiarity now under discussion the family still living, I am able to otier the facts which I present, feeling that they are thoroughly reliable, though not at every point as complete as could be desired. They are not really remedies for the constipation, which must be treated by other measures, calculated to enable the bowek to resume their healthy funotion. Quain attempted for some years, in vain, to establish a publication of the proceedings in the Council, with the names of the movers and seconders of resolutions, and a record of the votes of each member at divisions. There had been entire loss of motion in the left arm and the left leg and, later on, in the right leg; there had also been extreme extension of both legs.


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