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When these questions have been fully answered in this manner, we shall have positive data to deal with, and our conclusions will rest upon a foundation of fact not easily set aside.

All these symptoms developed within a week. Tall, spare person, florid countenance, light eyes and hair, admitted he termed a bad cold, contracted some weeks before.

The University is empowered to grant degrees, to males and females, consists in testing the proficiency of the candidate at four examinations, viz. Seventeenth Annual Report, including Report of Bureau of Vital Statistics.

Member of the Association and Branch.

Hot bath, hot pack, or hotair bath, according to the urgency of the case.

The patient might get as much as this from tlie blood which is poured out into his own digestive tract.

His friends would always take a deep interest in his welfare, and be pleased to learn that his merits and worth had been rewarded by an equal measure of prosperity and happiness. It is also believed tliat a material reduction in the number of cases of sickness and death from contagious diseases can be secured by a daily inspection of the pupils of each school by a medical inspector, and by a.scertaining whether children absent from school are sick with contagious or infectious disease.

Taylor ise had been reported of an adult whose bladder had contracted on walls would thicken and contract whilst the ureters would be paralyzed and enlarged.

The treatment of diphtheria Fischlovvitz, (',. This measure included provisions for the compulsory notification of infectious diseases by what is now known as the"dual method"; that is, by the medical attendant as well as by the head of the family or occupier of the infected house. The delirium which had existed for six days in one of them, diminished on the next day after its use; a diminution which would, perhaps, equally have taken place, had the ice not been applied; the delirium having attained, at this period, the most ordinary limits of its duration. For this purpose, we would suggest that all who receive this schedule should consider it a matter of personal and professional duty, as well as of public obligalion, to respond with the utmost alacrity and earnestness to the inquiry which the Epidemiological Society has set on foot. Value when it could be elicited, but its absence was The evening was devoted to the presentation of cases. "Where inflammation is present, it must, of course, be employed with more caution. After a laparotomy and the the removal of two cysts the patient made a good recovery.

All these affections show evidence of grave nutritive disorders, and the lesions of diseases resulting from trophic disturbances are to be sought for in the glandular tissues of the body. He had once seen death caused in a healthy man by the simple perforation of the peritoneum, without wound of the intestine by a small stilette, and this had made him fearful of the effect of the presence of a drainage tube.

Zoology will be the special subject of which he will treat. If this truth were kept in mind we should not so often hear of the humeral artery being tied, since I will venture to aflirni, that there is no bleeding from injuiT of the hand, and I will add of the foot, which cannot be commandc-d by local pressure. .Most men can do more, and no man has a right to ilo less, in our profession make a daily average of five in atidition to the demands of an active practice.


Buy - counly Hospital, on condition that they admit at all times two inv.altd poor persons from the parish of Ecchenswell, to be nominated by the the City of London Hospital for Diseases of the Chest, the National for the Paralysed and Epileptic, and the Eastern Counties the funds of the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary has been made by the late Mr. Upon raising the bedclothes, the hemorrhage was found to be extreme.


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