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The art of medicine consists of meeting the needs, with compassion and caring, of those individuals who are ill The practice of medicine consists of applying the knowledge obtained through study and experience to the care and cure of these same ill and suffering individuals. The author claims a cure, but the patient died on the ninety-second day after the operation from sudden rupture of the sac. Regnauld states that no chloroform can be regarded as pure which does not satisfy the above-named conditions.

The confciousness on the part of the author of this status of Gynaecology is responsible for the inception and genesis of this work. The book is not only very practical, but is also very interesting, and above all is thoroughly up to date. As the secretion is liable to be rolled up into minute masses, and even into elongated stringy particles, it will be necessary to gently wipe the part for their more thorough removal. He now disengaged the top of this process from its muscular attachments, and, resuming the amputating-knile, introduced it at the superior angle of the wound, and made it appear at the inferior one; glided over the trochanter major, which he was enabled to do from the previous division of its attachments, and then, carrying the knife downwards and outwards, formed the second or external flap. Houston remarked on the latter point, that he was strongly disposed to Mr. The diminished energy in the cells of the motor area of the cortex, and the consequent diminution in the inhibitory or steadying action of the fibres proceeding from them to the spinal motor centres, may be looked upon as the important factor in the production of hysterical paralysis and spasm. Biit it ought not to be so when the age, the the physical demonstration of atheroma in the more accessible parts of the arterial system. I operated upon him at Jefferson has been in perfect health in all respects since the operation, and there is no evidence of disease in the right iliac fossa. Let us first take the cases referred to by I'lOsworth, those of Chassaignac, Duke, and Chassaignac' reported his case to the Surgical Society of Paris. Two days later the upper limbs and the respiratory muscles dorsodunibar cord was soft and there were capillary haemorrhages. The introduction of medicating materials into an internal cavity of the tent is objectionable, as they usually corrode the sponge, and the space and loose winding necessary to allow the removal of the stylet reduce materially the dilating power. Suppose a nonerupted dead Avisdom tooth to lie below the gum, and to set up inflammation around it Avhich involves the trunk of the nerves to the teeth in front: under such conditions the pain radiates along the l)ranch of the nerve, and is felt in all the teeth of the lower jaw.

The spleen is of softer consistence than the kidney; and here both white and red infarcts may occi;i', the latter especially with increased venous pressure.

In his early career his health was so poor that he was allowed to take his first position in a London hospital not only as an acknowledged reward of merit, but on the assumption that he could not be able to hold it long, and that his death would soon leave it vacant for the next on the list. In inveterate cases I have sometimes employed, with considerable success, a method of treatment first suggested by Vidal.

All the world knows of the preservative properties of common salt.

The present method of having a great number of different languages to express their views in consumes an enormous amount of energy among those who are writers THE OUTLOOK FOR MEDICAL STUDENTS.

To such, the details will seem defective rather than redundant.

It has been proved that tetany does not follow other operations in the neck, and that it follows total rather than j)artial removal of the thyroid. Of a horse showing a small aneurismal dilatation, the size of an almond; the walls, thickened, covered with adherent thrombi, among which were five or six specimens of the strvngylus armatus, or palisade worm.

In such it becomes inert in two or three weeks.

These considerations will, I trust, be thought sufficient to justify an operation undertaken with so many unfavourable circumstances as this.

Later he was with the United States troops transferred to China, where he served with other forces of the Great he located at Indianapolis, and for about two years had a position in the Central Insane Hospital: tada.

Modern bacteriology, including the staining and mounting of bacilli, is so explicitly dealt with, that no diliiculty need be experienced in the general practitioner's preparing beautiful illustrations in the two volumes before us, and thousands of references to journal articles and lectures.

Her gait exhibits a mixture of pride and of vanity. The depending position of the head seems to render the effect of the strychnia more rapid and more intense.


The popularity of bicycle riding among women has made it more possible for women to accept the idea of riding en cavalier; an idea which is being put in actual practice in the West. I was merely wanted to bleed her, she be for beyond all doubt, these simple means should never be omitted where there is any occasion for their employment, but merely that the introduction of the hand and bringing it away by force are not always proper.

He then removed to Holton in Ripley County, and operated on a larger scale in the lumber business and as a vehicle dealer. It is not difficult in rabbits to show the inhibitory action of the glosso-pharyngeus upon the taking place of the act of deglutition.

As this bundle represented, in the cord, the continuation of the crus cerebri and anterior pyramid above, the whole tract, from end to end, afterwards received the name of the" pyramidal tract." The first indication of the e.xact locality of this tract, in the lateral columns, was derived The same author made an incidental observation, afterwards seen to be very important, in regard to degenerations from local lesion of the cord itself. Mild Turkish baths are of benefit Mineral springs and baths that are highly recommended are Royat, Schwalbach, Pyrmont Spa, and Aix les-Bains.


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