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In some quarters, however, it has been overdone and a reaction may be felt.

It can not be cured by preaching at it and against it, with eyes closed to the compelling behest of sex; it must be studied as we would any other disease, until we understand its etiology and can interpret its symptoms. These measurements, when properly and scientifically correlated with age, nutritional and other conditions, would supply us with a vast amount of instructive and valuable knowledge. Not yet arrived, and I doubt if it ever will arrive, when we can dispense with our materia mediea, still the time is here to employ psychologic influences in the treatment of certain conditions. One week later all stitches were rernoved.

The former is usually associated with the presence of an infected foreign body as a fragment of uniform.

The skitt, striated muscle, arteries and veins of all sizes, and cells is not very clear. He was forced into a new and strange life with new and strange acquaintances, all also in a state of physical and mental unrest. Dooley remarks, there is"Doctor Ventricle for the heart," and"Doctor Bellows for the lungs," nor would either of them be quite so unethical as to venture upon anything below the diaphragm.

These are some of the instances that keep coming back to me in thinking of the practicable adaptability of these views, and the more I have thought of them the more have I been impressed that Mr. By night he is often very much alive and ready for anything except sleep. If his rank is not sufficient to insure great authority he will be unable to apply his knowledge and skill to the best advantage. The (lovcrnmcnt has appointed an army sanitary committee, which consists of seven members, and the only nonarmy man appointed is Sir Charles Cameron, M.

Jamaica ginger is taken as a drug, but really for its alcohol; the use of patent medicines containing alcohol is, fortunately, diminishing. Pellets of ice to hold in the mouth are a comfort during the fever. Long-continued and persistent effort has erected an imposing superstructure upon a theoretical foundation, losing sight of the marvelous influences constantly at work in nature.

From these experiments, Eavenel concludes that infection from tuberculous food may take place without a primary intestinal lesion, and that, the most favorable condition for such infection is the ingestion of infected foods rich in fats.

Saul, MD A block of rooms are being held at the Do you know someone who needs nursing care in their home? We have a special person to take care of and we will help you get the answer.

(Rose or June cold; autumnal catarrh) Hay fever is an affection of the upper air passages due to the effects, probably toxic or anaphylactic, of certain pollens acting upon a voltaren hypersensitive mucous membrane, characterized by sneezing, increased lachrymation, headache, and a watery nasal discharge. We now tend to consider codes that exhort doctors to self-sacrifice to be old-fashioned and nonbinding. All take their toll on the medical community.

The leucocyte count usually is Such a chain of symptoms would appear to present a fairly distinct clinical picture, and it would be difficult to overlook such a typical case. It begins with prickling and burning, a small papule forms, becomes vesicular and surrounded by a dusky red indurated areola.

We are concerned here primarily with preventing its spread, and from the purely scientific point of view we are in an excellent position to control syphilis.



In all others surgical measures"Tick Fever" of the Rocky Mountains.) Louis B.

Saline infusion was given for temporary effect and sometimes adrenalin given in weak solution continuously was advantageous, but the saline infusion was temporary in its effect unless the blood pressure could be raised. So, instead of being freed from the morphinehabit, as he thought he was, this man was being grasped in its clutches more and more strongly, more and more irretrievably, more It seems almost impossible to believe that people could be so depraved as to offer a ilisguised morphine mixture as a cure for the morphine-Yiahii. Compared with the controls there seems to be no differences in the nonmedullated fibers. Becquerel found that uranium exposed to the sun's rays apparently absorbed them. Then each round ligament was brought up and a portion of the peritoneal covering upon the inner side denuded to correspond with that upon the uterus. The blood examination shows marked leucocytosis in purulent cases; diminished eosinophiles in tubercular cases, and sometimes indications of other less common etiological factors. Swain was correct, for he had seen cases in which properly fitting tubes were used and the technique correctly carried out, and nevertheless complications ensued which were probably due to the severity of the original diphtheritic infection.


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