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The toxin produced by the growing bacilli attacks the cells of the central nervous system only by absorption along the motor nerves. The liver substance, like the spleen, gave an acitl reaction. The family history was negative.


Baldwin:" SIR, At a meeting of the with Medical Board, held at the City of Toronto this llth day of April, it was resolved that a Petition should be presented to the Honourable the Legislative Council of the Province of Canada in Parliament assembled; and it was at the same meeting likewise resolved that such Petition should be forwarded to you with the request that you would be pleased to undertake the charge of presenting the same to the Honourable the Legislative Council of the Province of Canada in Parliament assembled, at an early opportunity. In so far as I am aware, little Tuberculin testing is carried on, save possibly in the very large centres where some particular breeder with a hobby for thoroughbred stock raising, or some producer desires to place upon the market what is known to us as Certified Milk, and which as a rule costs just twice as much to the consumer as ordinary market milk. With such potent agents, meticulous control hy a trained anesthesiologist is desirable. About Christmas he was seized with symptoms of acute pleurisy; came to the hospitiil and was found to have tuberculosis of the lungs and pleura. Unless the treatment has been instituted early in the former, operative interference becomes necessary. Alex ander Macnab, D.D., Rector of Darlington for nearly forty years. Research Committee on traumatic toxaemia as a factor in During the two years in which these" shock" investigations were pursued in France, a large number of new observations was collected, as a result of the careful organization and the intensive methods adopted. The explanation of these clinical phenomena has not been finally determined upon; it may be that these structures are seats of predilection for certain diseases. When, too, we investigate social failures, we find in many instances, individuals, not particularly lacking in intellect, but deficient in those subtler qualities that seem to be the springs of conduct. On examination, a swelliog the I nd the centre ofthe labium on the right side, which was very tense and firm i hbttini were oedematous and infiamed. I'he vitreoua humor sometimes has a yellow tinge, which is derived from the coloring matter of the sometimes also small blood-clots, which can be cloarly seen with the unaided eye. They look different from different angles. He has also been the representative at the Ontario Medical no Council for the Erie Division. The hard-rubber tube was often coughed out, and"breathe a little. In the majority of these cases the patients give evidence in their teeth and nose, in the form of scars, of having suffered from infantile syphilis. Who had been suflFering for several days from symptoms of acute cystitis. The patient had frequently suffered from similar combivent attacks.

To one tuberculosis means that the victim is soon to close his eyes, to another it means only a trivial ailment that a couple of weeks in the country, a few dozen eggs, and a few quarts of milk, and all will be well. He was advised to take a long rest and went to Europe for three months. On the basis of the articles reviewed in this paper, endocardial fibroelastosis should be considered in fibroelastosis with no associated malformations. A wise man will employ his thoughts ujion things sub.stantial and useful. The muscle is directed outwards and downwards, and the nerve supply is the suprascapular nerve (from the brachial plexus.) artery and vein, profunda femoris (artery and vein), long saphenous vein and nerve, gluteal vessels, sciatic nerve, and the following muscles: Adductor longus, adductor brevis, adductor magnus, gracilis, semitendinosus, semimembranosus, biceps, gluteus maximus, sartorius, rectus femoris, vastus externus, vastus internus, Portal circulation:"The hepatic artery and the portal vein convey blood to the liver. A persistent anterior unilateral nasal discharge is highly suggestive of sinus infection, provided the presence of a foreign body can be eliminated. We then get assistance from the hypnotic action of the alcohol. His death was caused by congestive apoplexy (prescriptions). The value of radium treatment depended upon the accessibility of the growth and the physical condition of the patient who musit withstand the constitutional effects of the action of radium.


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