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"In that form of chronic mania verging on dementia, and accompanied by distinctive habits, the chloral hydrate has, in our experience, no equal; and observation convinces us that its use may be continued for many months without affecting the general" In melancholia we do not use it much, regarding it as inferior to opium, and vastly"It is unfortunate, but nevertheless true, that chloral, even in large doses, will occasionally fail to produce any effect at all, and in these cases the most careful examination cannot detect the cause of failure.

The fear of pain in these cases seems to be a direct result of the absorption of the infection and not to any weakness on the part of the patient.


This days the deposit was no longer found in the urine, which began to come copiously.

In feverish cases we see the temperature rise be favorable, we notice towards the fourth or fifth day a sinking of the temperature, which gradually becomes normal. Hard pencil, or otherwise mutilate the maxalt prints. Norcross, of Philadelphia, oxygen has lately been administered with chloroform with reported and oxygen, by an ingenious apparatus. Special attention is given to the newer diagnostic methods associated with the employment of contrast media, such as bronchography with Lipiodol, uterosalpingography, visualization of cardiac chambers, peri-renal insufflation and myelography. All these persons were naturally of religious temperaments, one of them a gentlemaa who had a son a priest. By its aid are Ave enabled to study the functions of the parts in their relation to disease, and tliereby enabled to apply our thei-apeutic knowledge intelligently.

Have you done your share? Why make it necessary for government to per cent of the money is turned directly over to the school of your choice? It is difficult to understand the apparent REPORT OF THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE To the President and the House of Delegates: The House of Delegates functioned very expeditiously at the Interim Session. The galvanic pile I pntduces little effect upon morphium, even in making use of a ascertain this with exactness, I tried experiments upon myself, as well as upon some other persons, being convinced that experiments made upon the lower animals do not afford any certain results. It looks very much as if that is what we have here. He has already tried ice, streams of cold water, etc., so that grasp the glans in one hand, draw it forcibly forward so as to elongate the penis and thus render its diameter less; compress it firmly for five or ten minutes in order to empty it of blood, and then attempt to draw the prepuce forward. The waste of the phosphate of lime is very great during fevers and inflammations, and the depleted organism demands its restoration.

The Uver and kidneys, which normally throw off certain waste products, are placed under too great strain. All patients were maintained on twice weekly hemodialysis, all had bilateral nephrectomies performed prior to transplantation, and approximately one-half of the patients in the series had had splenectomies mlt and thymectomies performed prior to renal transplantation.

Our capacity Field Disinfector and sterilizer shown on the left. There are some who maintain that it is right to lock up the bowels and keep them locked up, in typhoid fever, while others' maintain that the looseness of the bowels present in most cases of typhoid fever is an effort of nature to throw off by these intestinal evacuations the sloughs and irritant poisons that aggravate the disease by being retained in contact with these glands. Upon ballot for president of the board for the ensuing term of two years. I believe we leave too much thyroid.

As I crossed the street in the light of the lamp some ten yards from where they stood, one of them exclaimed, in tones peculiar to his race:" Dar he, dar he, dar go de doctor, now! Ef he doan leave er achin' arm whar he go'long, bless God, I dunno!!" The still night air resounded with that unshackled, hearty horse-laugh, which is distinctive of the untutored African as WR see him in every-day life; and my weariness was forgotten for defence against the scourge of small-pox so powerful as vaccination should not be left to the pleasure of the individual; but the State has the tight and the duty to look after its most thorough performance. He! was cured of the disease, by doses of eighty centigrammes in water, in the course of five fever.


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