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It may be used in solutions The following is the therapeutic method which I ordinarily employ in the treatment As I have already stated, I do not generally give mercury until the onset of the secondary symptoms, although I have carefully used the mild mercurial preparations in the local treatment of the primary lesion.

Apart from his rigid arteries, cardiac hypertrophy, vascular hypertension, spare frame, and an appearance of age beyond his admitted years, there was nothing of note. The effect of ether anesthesia on healthy kidneys is practically nil, so far as reducing their excretory power before operation should not give much concern, but clouds of albumin accompanied by casts should be given case does not in itself signify the amount of operation and administration of proctoclysis, have not shown any effect on the percentage of phenol Nutritive Significance of Different Kinds of single contribution to the science of nutrition has been more fruitful than the knowledge of calories.


When cocaine is the main drug and alcohol and morphia are taken to relieve it, the periods of exaltation and delusions of persecution are very noticeable: uk. The number of cases recorded from any locality is unsatisfactory evidence as to the frequency in a district and yet have been recorded only quite recently. A wave rolled Central Asia, re-entering India from Afghanistan and through North Persia, reaching the Caspian and Black Seas in the summer in course of construction from the Caucasus to Moscow and the river highway of the Volga, it was intensified and spread by the fair at Nijni Novgorod and the massing of the Russian, Austrian and insurgent Hungarian armies on the Danube, and in the course of Europe except Denmark and Greece, which invasion, but rather a resuscitation of the last, which had lingered in the south and east of Europe and the west of Asia until called into fresh activity by the Crimean war. Korsakoff speaks of it as a psychosis polyneuritica, and the symptom-complex is sometimes called by his name. The morning dose should be followed by a glass of milk or bouillon. The Hottentots hunt this viper to get its head, from which they extract the poison, and after mixing it with certain plant juice, use the mixture for their arrow-heads. It seems not improbable that some obscure cases of meningitis are really instances of sporadic poliomyelitis. There is often, too, a remarkable vasomotor instaljility, e. Finally, cyanosis set in, salivation ceased, likewise respiration, while the heart continued to beat for about two minutes. But as to the practical application of these views, they come to us with a redoubled force and to refer to them, and to this end I ask the question," How shall we attack a chronic otitis media successfully?" How can we do it without the necessary skill of the laryngologist and rhinologist? The largest number of these cases have begun not in the ear, but in the naso-pharj-nx, and we all know are only arrested (alas! we say arrested advisedlj') by the rational treatment.

This still persists, and is becoming more pronounced with each succeeding period. The following resolutions were passed: others, and continued advertising in public papers are to underbidding in concluding contracts in sick societies and the like, offering advantages of any kind to a third person in order to procure practice, are inadmissible.

Her mind had become utterly destroyed. The sum should be not less than ten or fifteen thousand dollars a year.

This was soon followed by discomfort after eating, with frequent vomiting occurring an hour or an hour and a half after meals, and an increase in constipation. ' Indeed, it has come to be regarded as one of the we are urged to return to the old method. Vegetations may be whipped off into tlie cireuUition and, blocking a cerebral vessel, may cause hemiplegia or aphasia, or both. Two other attempts (negative) were papules appeared on the twenty-first day. The food is handed in through a square opening.

In two cases of enlarged spleen under my care, with great mobility, causing much discomfort and uneasiness, Halsted completely relieved the condition by replacing the spleen, packing it in position with gauze, and allowing firm adhesions to take place. Bumm has watched the invasion of the conjunctival tissues by the hordes of gonococci; has.seen them penetrate to the connective tissue layer, and has noted the strong obstruction ofiered by this tissue to their further progress. The excited and powerful majority, representing that vague collection of interests called public opinion, have rushed into a state of mind which can perceive and discourse of nothing but the responsibility of the prisoner and the asstmied right of insanity to escape legal sanctions. Writers who have collected large series of cases agree in the statement tadacip that the legs are almost always affected, that they are often paralyzed when the arms are not, and that they frequently suffer alone. In two cases I have known a noisy delirium with urgent dyspnoea to precede the fatal event.

It prevails extensively among the Band miners of South Africa (gold-miners' phthisis), are cut with the greatest difficulty and sometimes present a curious grayish, Workers in flax and in cotton, and grain-shovellers are also subject to these chronic interstitial changes in the lungs. Gay's article was written there have been two recoveries from moderate dyspnoea without operation. In those patients whose condition was known by physical signs, there was great improvement as regards the moist sounds, though the dullness showed little change, and in a few increased. ON THE CONNECTION OF CHRONIC DISEASES OF THE UPPER AIR-PASSAGES at the Fortieth Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association, held at Neivport, R, I., June, iSSg. Only a few of the most common varieties will be described and it should be remembered that these are not disease entities, but only take their name from the clinical symptoms The Comatose Form.


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