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In cases where there is no indication of other diseases than constipation or diarrhea and we find indican in the urine, we may be reasonably sure of intestinal toxemia. These associate members shall each be elected for a term of five years and shall enjoy all the privileges of honorary members, and each of them shall pay annual dues amounting to one-half the annual dues of an It was resolved that Article II. Massage alone is usually not successful, except in obstipation of the small intestines if the jejunum can easily be reached by the hand introduced into the rectum. If a stethoscope was introduced through the neck of the receiver, and all contjict avoided with the glass or thorax, the ear could plainly perceive a feeble respiratorv murmur, winch did not vary by moving the instrument nearer to or further from the chest, but which nholly ceased when the tube was obstructed by cork or wool.

Often we get the reaction of degeneration and a few weeks later, to our surprise, the dead muscles will react upon application of a faradic current.


W iiat result, therefore, are we to anticipate from their employment in hysteria, spasm of the stomach, of the diaphragm, ice.

Should another" disease now carry to phthisis, and apparently in their best health; and with such as has too often recourse to the thousand"specifics for consumption," with the no less certain, but oftentimes more speedy destruction of his health. Rhinitis After the invasion of the nose of a rabbit l,y coccidia, there occurs an intense inflammation. Determined cardiac and great-vessel albenza dulness, it remains to discuss the meaning of observed variation from the normal in shape, size, same direction, is characteristic of hypertrophy and dilatation of the is quite certain that if the entire cardiac dulness is increased, dilatar tion as well as hypertrophy is present. The spasm is clonic, the muscles of the face being affected by a series of quick twitches, with intervals of rest. Instead of causing simple infarctions, as do non-infected emboli, they give rise to new foci of suppuration because of the masses of pyogenic organisms conveyed by them.

In other cases, when dilatation is due to catarrh of the stomach, or to improper food, one sees from the start the clinical picture of catarrh of the stomach in combination with difficult respiration, if the dilatation is at all considerable. On the other hand, there may be splenic enlargement, and the general condition may so closely resemble typhoid fever that it is impossible to make a differential diagnosis until the end of the first made during this period for the reason that the hyaline bodies of the aestivo-autumnal parasite are seldom to be found in the blood, and one must wait until the pigmented crescents and ov'oids appear, at they may occur in both diseases: in malaria as a frequent but not necessary symptom, in typhoid fever at its beginning, or at the onset of a relapse or a complication, or when the temperature rises after having been thrust down by antipyretics (line). For an individual proposal without obligation, write An Open Letter to Kansas Physicians The Kansas Medical Society Auxiliary held the Forum on Aging and the Summer Board Meeting at Reed (James), candid camera person, and Shirley Wilcox (Howard), chronicler of the proceedings, are just two of the many Douglas County Auxiliary The Medical Society staff did a magnificient job of coordinating the Forum on Aging, which was held Harriett Olson (Carl) and Ruth Mitchell (Alex) from Lawrence serving as state co-chairmen on Aging, the other co-sponsoring organizations were: The Kansas Department on Aging, Kansas Insurance Department, Kansas Department of Health and En vironment, Medicare, and the Kansas Medical Society.

In discussion and in the literature one often encounters statements which refer to the Wassermann reaction as an expression of immunity. It consists essentially of on a bell jar or capped cylinder submerged in water and counterpoised, with a tube to admit the expired air under it. The morbidity and mortality rates associated with these injuries are alarmingly high. The pain was increased manifesting convulsive movements of the left leg and toes.

If it amounts to more than a pound daily, considering how slowly the excavations empty themselves, we cannot believe that the tuberculous matter can amount to whole.""We cannot therefore yield much confidence to the inspection of the sputa in this disease, inasmuch as those which especially in the latter stages. The seat of atelectasis is usually in the upper portions especially the anterior lobes of the lungs.

References should be arranged according to the order of numbered consecutively, and all must be cited in the text. In its Clinical and Pathological Aspects.


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