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Water has no effect upon it, nor have either the Acids except, however, Sulphuric Acid, which Pearson says, does slowly dissolve it. By what? By the fact that the requirements of the school from which he has graduated do not comply with those demanded from veterinary students in that State. Online - apparatus for the better conveying of sound to Otopi'esis. There is now as always a long waiting list of those who crave the distinction of membership and are Permit me to present to your consideration the following suggestions, several of which have been First, That in many instances, the form of a communication best suited for publication is not that adapted for presentation to an audience such as this and that details of clinical histories or of experiments and copious quotations from the literature can often be omitted in the reading of papers without detriment to their value. They are all the same Price, One Hollar each, Engravings and Colored Plates appropriate to the They are the only complete popular works of the kind ever published, and contain information of the most interesting and important kind, especially to the married, or those intending to marry, which can be found no where else iu the English Lapgnage. Each monthly number will only cost Three Cents? and will contain sixteen pages of the most interesting and valuable information, both to families and individuals, besides several valuable and beautiful Engravings, to illustrate original articles by Dr. Often without valvular disease and often without more arterial disease than a few patches in the aorta. The symptoms are the same as in other forms of myocarditis.

Lection, or the original from which it is here extracted. Moreover you cannot cure the irritable heart by eradicating the sepsis; there are many cases of the soldier's heart without any evidence of sepsis or septic absorption, and the symptoms continue after the dentist On the other hand the soldier's heart is invariably associated with a more or less enlarged and over acting thyroid; the symp toms of the soldier's heart, pure and simple, are those of hyperthyroidism and of nothing else. Therefore in the event that the wound was a foul one a second injection is necessary a week after the initial one providing any operative measures are contemplated. I went and had her jogged on the halter and found her going sound.

Basch's apparatus, an average blood-pressure hospital; at the conclusion of the treatment the average pressure was pressure in girls of the same age.


Lu regard to the other portions of the circulatory apparatus, the functional murmurs which are frequently heard over the jugular veins on one or both sides must be mentioned; in other not less severe cases Eichhorst and Schauman frequently observed active pulsation in the carotids, and heard in other peripheral arteries a clear, loud systolic the pulse is full and strong and frequently suggests the water-hammer There is nothing to note in regard to special symptoms on the part of the respiratory apparatus. He was reasonably well uk nourished. It is important to allow one side of the paper to dry before the other side is The advantage of this paper over the paper prepared by Bourget is that it can be kept an indefinite length of time without losing its sensitiveness, and it is not necessary to exclude light. The larger intestines are usually much larger than normal and have undergone ptosis.

Some curious experiments have been tried to test the absorbing powers of the skin, which it may be as well to relate, both for their interest and for their utility. It is obtained by acting on mannite with a mixture of nitric and sertraline sulphuric acids.

This is the case in typic leukemia showing a marked lymphocytosis, and much more so in pseudoleukemia, in which the immense enlargement of the glands between the ear and the thorax is almost characteristic. Operation was advised and accepted. Moreover, this must be exercised more scrupulously in the further stage of convalescence, since a voracious appetite usually comes on which induces the patient to put more work on the digestive organs than they can stand. A woman was injured in the region of the spleen by a fall from a scuttlehole in a roof, and the injury was followed by a gradual but considerable enlargement of the spleen.

Richardson read a paper on" The possibility of operation on the oesophagus, through the stomach." He had verified his statement by experiments on sixty bodies, and had in one case operated successfully on a man thirty-seven years of age, who had eleven months previously swallowed a denture of four teeth, which had become impacted at the plate by means of forceps introduced through the mouth. If the posterior commissure be enlarged, it encroaches more and more upon the posterior wall of the urethra and interferes with the lumen of the canal, thus giving rise eventually to retention.

The food should be so prepared as to give the stomach as little trouble as possible; and within a definite range, the dietary should vary in quality and mode of cooking.

It does not increase blood pressure by stimulating the heart, but seems, on the contrary, to establish an equilibrium between the heart and the blood vessels; thus regulating the blood pressure and reducing it if it be too high. In some instances sand-heaps have been arranged under glass shades, very much like hotbeds or graperies, in which delicate persons are allowed to bask for a short time daily. Even when every precaution is taken to guard against the obliquity of the pelvis (which is the chief source of error), an eighth or even a quarter of an inch difference may escape detection.

Of antiseptics Salicylate of Sodium is the best, by Dr.


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