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The junior curriculum comprises exalni' nation in general anatomy; physiology; and histology; materia medica and medical botany; chemistry, organic and inorganic, and medical physics; bacteriology and pathology. I must confess I do not use ten percent, except occasionally where I touch a very small area. This has given rise to many problems in the house oflScer training situation which are at present unresolved. Comparison assists to show relative facts. The upper flap is dissected to the point of firm attachment. Demoor, Rector of retin the rniversity of Brussels, are Pi-esidents of the Organizing Committee. In one cubic centimeter of the liquid to be examined we place a crystal of sulphate of copper and then add a slight excess of soda. A somewhat similar case recently occurred in Sydney, but in this exception was taken to the announcement, and an action for libel was brought against the blind beggar making use of it.

An Invaluable Aid in Medical Practice. There are, however, some features of our public health program which should North Carolina was the twelfth State in the Union to recognize governmental responsibility for the protection and promotion of the public health, and to create a governmental agency specifically charged with the duty of meeting that responsibility. The first has pioneer luminaries. Davis, general toxicology and special toxicology. OF IRON, COPAIBA, IRON AND OIL OF SANDAL, COPAIBA, PEPSIN AND BISMUTH. It was to experiments ou auimals that almost every important remedy which had example, diphtheria antitoxin, thyroid extract, cocaine, and experiments on annuals had helped towards the discovery of the protective treatments gel against rabies, cholera, plague, Malta fever, and typhoid fever. Briggs to know that his eldest son was following in his footsteps in his particular line of occupied that portion of Haywood Street where the George Vanderbilt Hotel now stands. Hodson was not suffering from consumption, but he knew nothing about his having undergone a cure. Or the journals issued by the American Medical Association. The procedures and schedules to follow in performing desensitization are really not as important as the careful follow-up of the patient and observation of reactions as the drug is administered. In consequence of this slowness, too, the salified portion may sometimes be absorbed as produced, and no purgative action at all occur. Perhaps you will better appreciate this analysis when I inform you that some years ago while residing near the manufacture of whiskey in Kentucky, I received a letter from twelve of the most eminent surgeons and physicia as of New York City, expressing the great difficulty they had experienced in procuring pure whiskey for medicinal purposes, and asking from my long residence in the vicinity of the manufacture of whiskey in Kentucky, as well as my skill as a chemist, if I would furnish them with a pure article of whiskey for the use of the sick. The highest risk leadership style was characterized by high stimulus input, charisma, intrusiveness, and focus on individual rather than These group experiences may be gratifying, stimulating and even insight producing, but the potential for psychological damage must be carefully evaluated in each situation.

The thermometer, for a month of this unusually low temperature, acting upon systems debilitated by insufficient food, impure air, and work disproporlioned to the strength, became apparent in the increased mortality. (Calls for the cpiestion.) Dr. Since there are no truly scientific criteria on which to make a prediction as to the psychologic outcome, it seems only proper that elective This uncertainty as to therapeutic benefit is compounded by the fact that adequate studies and information about physical sequelae are also lacking. Amongst the most common and most serious of its ultimate consequences, is an attack of convulsions, recurring more or less frequently, Now, if, in a case in which convulsions have once occurred, we find the urine albuminous, and containing the" granular casts" described above, we must be prepared for a recurrence of the attacks, and for the probability of a speedily fatal termination.


The case illustrative ceptional one alluded to, in which the disease of the bone was consequent on primary disease of the mammary gland in the male. They all suffered from diarrhoea, pains in different parts of the body, and a general feeling of A visit was made to the dealer who furnishes the bouding-house with hams and sausages, but it was attended with no satisfactory result.


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