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In children it is not so necessary to exclude polypi or post-natal abscesses, or bony growths, as these are rarely found at this time of lile. They natural hue, and the patient, with a little tonic medicine, became convalescent BIRTHS, DEATHS, AND MARRIAGES, IN ENGLAND. I have since received much additional evidence bearing on the same point, and hope that the contrary impression which has arisen, rather as an issue of probability than as a result of observation, is beginning to be modified.

K exposure of the feet or abdomen were the cause of the colic, the causal indications require a diaphoretic treatment; and the popular aromatic teas, the bottles of warm water and warm stones applied to the abdomen, are the administration of narcotics, particularly of opium. I heard an attendant calling by the hour to a dying girl in a ward opposite my room in the hospital, a few weeks since, and was online told that it was an appeal to the departing spirit to come back. Of the more severe types, cellulitis is treated by incisions tlirough the skin to, but not through, the deep fascia, and extending somewhat l)eyond the area of infection. If these be granted me, I think we may be able to explain from the various compositions of soil, its elevation, aspect, and texture, as affording capacity to retain moisture, why every dry one can be brought during an uncommonly wet season, through the influence of tropical heat, into the state of a marsh that gives out noxious vapours, and a marshy one approaching to dryness through previous draught may be made perfectly healthy from the same abundant rains. The author favours in particular the method of extraction elaborated by Schereschewsky and his co-workers, and finds that the cuti-reaction agrees of the cuti-reaction. Was, however, confident in her stateinont, that those on the breast came five years after those on the ano. It is forgotten that the irritation of the gastric mucous membrane by the emetic, as is proved by daily experience, is not very malignant or injiuious, and that the beautiful experiments of Magendie and Budge have proved that the emetic influence of ipecac, and tartrate of antimony do not result from irritation of the gastric mucous membrane, but from absorption into the blood.

TnE twentieth annual museum will, by permission of tho Town Council, be located in the Corn Exchange, a large hall, communicating with the Dome, and having a separate entrance in Church Road.


Dallas, Inspector-General of Civil Hospitals, and of the- valuable advice which he has ever afforded to himself and his predecessors. Thus one and one-half cubic centimetres of the blood of a person convalescing from pneumonia three or four days after the crisis was rapidly fatal in small amount to rabbits.

The interstitial lipomatosis varies from microscopic infiltration to large masses running into the muscles. But with a perfect knowledge of the anatomy of the parts; a sufficient degree of skill in the use of the knife, and a determination to spare no trouble in the after-treatment, we can with great confidence hold out to the patient and friends assurances of the restoration of the feet to their natural shape and use.

Hence has arisen the teaching that a patient should be overfed, that jiyperalimentation is one of the But if such a patient remains long under treatment, the time will come when he is"filled up," as the saying is. The maximum dosage, which is determined by the state of amelioration of the patient, is continued during the for a week; then the doses are gradually decreased by one gramme a decadron day till the quantity of three grammes per diem is reached, and the medicine is continued in that daily amount for a week, when it can generally be discontinued.

Elnally the pus may burrow along the stemoKsleido-mastoid musde, ot the ooflophagus and trachea, and form abscesses at the lower part of the neck or even enter the chest (Bruna). After the catarrh has lasted some time, the redness of the mucous membrane subsides, but its swelling and hypertrophy, together with a plug of mucus and epithelium, form an insuperable obstacle to the flow of bile.


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