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Villous tumours, although in themselves not malignant, are extremely apt to become so if imperfectly removed, and it is necessary to remove them with almost the same freedom as Differential diagnosis consists in the profuse haemorrhage in villous tumour, wiiich is unusual in malignant disease, the soft velvety feeling of the tumour itself, and the presence of normal mucous membrane right up to the edge of the In maHgnant disease the mucous membrane is altered in character at the edge of the growth, wiiich is raised and hard and beyond this is Early diagnosis is of the greatest necessity and wiien sjanptoms such as haemorrhage, pain, tenesmus, discharge, or even only discomfort occur a proper and thorough examination should always be carried out, and the medical man must not rest content until he is definitely satisfied as to the cause of the symptoms. His mother said he had lost a large amount of blood, and his condition plainly indicated that such was the fact.

Among other lesions, he presented a large nodular had always been a question in his mind as to how far arsenic was directly responsible for these cancerous conditions of the skin. When the uterus is fixed and the ureters and bladder perhaps implicated, the cases were, Mr. This deformity is caused by a fibrosis and contracture of the flexor muscles leading to flexion of all the fingers and thumb. Selecting the lowest fatal doses found, one may compare them, per kilo of animal, view that the intoxications by agar and by peptone are of exactly the same nature. Statistics show that most forms of obstruction of the bowels are more often met with in the male than in the female subject, the exceptions being obstruction by gallstone or fecal matter; constrictions by peritoneal or other adhesions, and compression of the intestine by tumors As regards age and the portion of the Obstruction by gallstones always occurs late in life, and involves the jejunum and ileum. This island is situated about occupied by the Spaniards as a look-out, and defended by sixteen or eighteen men, in a small semi-circular battery, of nine or ttn swivels. The opening of the new stacks it will be necessary for the curator to examine superficially every classed book in the present stacks to recover first home of their own that they have ever had. The whole process lasting about six hours. The kidneys and other organs were apparently normal. Radial and triceps reflexes absent on left, present on right; cremasteric reflexes equal; abdominal reflexes present on right, absent on left; respiratory movements less pronounced on left than on right.

Not that this distinguished anatomist was its discoverer, but to him we owe not only the almost universal acceptance of his theory of the origin of the pouch in question, but are also indebted to him for calling conspicuous attention to its importance in the causation of that most, if not all well authenticated instances of duplication of the intestinal tract, at any part of its course, are the probable result of the persistence and growth of the remains of called to cystic dilatation of the diverticulum. A., Major and Surgeon, also directed to relieve Surgeon J. The condition of the patient much the same as yesterday.

But this amount could probably have been multiplied had the work been more systematically and intelligently done. It can foretell the atrophy of abandoned function, rescue fading susceptibilities, restrain hypertrophies, and plan for a source of vitality in the surplus decades.

Moreover, there is no The morbid fears of psychasthenia some times resemble those of melancholia (buy). And strychnia) was of little avail. The majority of the treated animals were killed for observation many days after the controls had all died. We had at our command tracheotomy, tracheal fissure, with exsection of the stricture tissue, resection of the portion of the trachea involved, and finally the various forms of dilatation. It will only be possible in this online place to indicate the broad principles of treatment of fractures, the details being dealt with elsewhere. The use of water, inside and outside, is not method of tubbing in typhoid fever represents the most marked advance in the management of this disease. He managed to free himself, but fell and lay for some time without aid. A mixture of soda and gentian for the dyspepsia, caused by swallowing the oral sepsis, is often of more use. I think this is most effectually done by sending them out of town at the approach of hot weather whenever the means of the parents will permit it.


Of the remaining forty-two cases it is of course impossible to state the probability of fatal complications if operative interference had not been adopted sufficiently early. Reid spoke of a case which had been diagnosed by Dr.


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