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En outre, en fait meme de Proces de plus vieille date, mais du meme genre, taut de ceux fur lesquels il n'a pas les bornes de TAnnee regulative, fixee dans cet Afts f) Controverfiae occafione Limitutn cum Catholic aSf et Graecis Non- Unitis vel Diffidentibns, inter bona quod idem ludicium Condefcenftonemf in aequali proscalpin Numero Commijfariorum Cathoticorum cum Graecis Nan- Unitis vel Dijfidentibus defignare poteriU Hi vero fi iurati iudicei vel officiates Terreflres aut Caftrenfes nan fuerintf que fuo Condefcenforiati producere tenebUntur. Some of these patients are of a peculiar temperament. At the time this patient came to me for treatment the ulcer was at least three inches in diameter; the ulceration was of the usual type that you will see in this class of patients; it extended half the of the bluish or purplish color that I have mentioned; the leg was covered with an incrustation from the eczema; the ulcer was of the typical indolent, dirty type that is commonly observed in this elass of cases; the entire surface of the ulcer was covered by a dirty membrane or discharge not unlike the membrane seen in a diphtheric throat, except that it was darker in color; the edges of the ulcer were of a callous nature showing that the healing process was markedly retarded, that the normal process of healing was impossible imder existing circumstances.

Where the membrane alone has suffered, the deafness is slight, the watch and voice are heard fairly, the tuning-fork on the head is heard only in the injured ear and subjective noises are wanting. In a larger number the menses first appeared naturally and without undue suffering, but after months, and in some cases several years, the painful affection began. The influence of von Baer, Virchow and Waldeyer has been felt, and felt strongly, because they were masters of anatomy and held fast to the value of the laboratory method. See Pulvis Fumalis, and Fumigatio Balsamica.

Supposing some particles of a previous virus to have remained adherent to the needle, the next patient runs no danger from them; he has already received,a full inoculation from that virus at the previous sitting, and is now actually receiving a stronger virus. This irregularity of the arterial pulse taken in conjunction with the presence of a definite deficit or incongruity between the rate of the clinical apex and that of the radial artery, the radial rate being much slower than that of the apex, makes the diagnosis almost positive. The last point to which reference need be made, is the question of the treatment of streptococcic puerperal fever question at onie length, and it is not necessary to refer to the matter in detail again. Improvement is the rule, although a number of attacks of slight or very severe nature are to be expected after the first one.

On one occasion a doctor was asked by a patient why he used so many medicines in his prescription; the doctor thought a minute, then replied:" Don't you know sir, that the disease will take the one it likes the best." On another occasion an Irish doctor was called in consultation to see an Irish woman, and prescribed no medi cine at all; the woman objected, and when he asked for his fee; she answered,"Be jabbers, and for what!" His quick reply was," Faith, and for the talk I have geen yee!" Here we see portrayed the two extremes, in the one case the surprise when many drugs were used, and in the other case the astonishment and dissatisfaction when patient hesitate to pay a few more cents, or a few more dollars, for the knowledge and skill of the pharmacist, and for the freshness and purity of his drugs. One must watch for pressure of the finger tip in the palm and for pressure at the base of the nail. Whenever the army paused for a few days, the surgeon online would assemble schools for instruction.


He was operated upon on the fourth day and the abscess drained. Wash the powder, and dry it with a gentle heat. The lecturer laid particular stress on the fact that if milk had been kept in a dairy, for even the shortest space of time, fermentation could only be retarded but not prevented; this could only be done if it were taken directly from the udder.

Ft is with his close associates that he first discusses his symptoms. The pulse suddenly shot On the morning of the eight day Drs.

The acute abscess of the prostate" occasionally follows injury by a hthotrite or catheter, and it may follow the operation of prostatectomy." The latter must surely demonstrate a very The illustrations are beautifully drawn and reproduced, and form a valuable series of plates illustrating the anatomj' and comparative anatomy of the prostate. The usual remedies of bleeding generally, leeches to the thighs, washes of borax, lead, zinc, nitrate of silver, and sulphate of copper, sulphur and mercurial ointments, had been faithfully tried for nearly a month without avail, when I accidentally thought of trying a tansy poultice. A sense of dragging in the abdomen, a dragging from the loin, attended with an undefinable discomfort and feeling of weakness. It appears from this, and similar cases, that this difficulty is too often treated by medicinal means, for although astringent washes may sometimes relieve the irritation by shortening the uvula temporarily, it invariably relaxes and reproduces the cough.


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