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Quito apart from wounds wliich show thesa clinical manifestations, the majority of open wounds treated at a base hospit.-il in France give cultural evidence wounds of all grades of severity examined at intervals of from two to twenty-two days after the receipt of the injury two-thirds showed the presence of B. And in any improvement reconstruction or extension of this system it is desirable tliat such modifications should be made as to attract to tlie work as many practitioners as possible.

A somewhat humming systolic murmur is heard. Only a few occasional dn,' rales can now be heard with slightly reduced dulness. A carbon lamp (B) of half ampere, with a deep blue glass globe, is part of the outfit. The first place get the animal under shelter, with plenty of clean straw beneath it. Took away a large quantity of blood, and the pupils almost immediately resumed their natural appearance. The pulmonary vessels, from the torpidity of the sanguiferous system, suffer congestion, and from this cause arises the sensation of fulness or bursting at the heart, which deep grief or sorrow induces. In the mule these organs differ, but their anatomical formation is in general blended between the horse and ass.

See that the animal be carefully propped up with clean straw, and be raised rather higher forward, so that the urine and dung may not pollute her. After washing out the remaining cavity, if the operation has been thoroughly performed, the entire area will be bony. He is undoubtedly a man of great ability; and. I, The inferior cervical, c, The vertebral. He first directed attention to antiseptic inhalations in tuberculosis, in a paper read since that time has repeatedly, in journal articles and remarks before societies, urged the palliative and even curative value of this method in the treatment of the disease. We now are aware that the gangrenous state of the lungs, wdiich the older farriers attributed to chronic disease, is the simple effect of active congestion.

There are "prematurex" numerous reliable cases of this sort. Dilute mineral acids seem also Ui be useful in rapidlj dissipating these unpleasant syniptoins" The tlio'apeiriic effects of bromide of putaaslum are manifested witbta a sbart time. Inspiration is effected quickly; and the lengthened laborious strain of expiration, which is performed by two distinct efforts, in one of which the usual muscles operate; and in the other the abdominal muscles come into violent action, to complete the expulsion; after which the flanks fall with peculiar force, and the air is again inspired as by a spasm. Radcliffe, uk Physician to the Westminster Hospital, and to the National Hospital for Paralysis and Epilepsy. There was also very little difference as to T. Next secure the near hind leg with a piece of hempen tackle, having a running noose; or, in default of this not being at hand, make use of the flat part of a hempen halter, which should for safety be put on before the hobble of that leg is removed; as may be readily done if the hobbles having shifting or screw D's, as described in casting, are made use of.


In the month of June also every newspaper in the Union ought annually to give exhortations on this subject; and instructors of youth, including those in Sunday schools, should not forget the subject at that period. Once, therefore, a medical certifier has, in issuing a certificate of incapacity for work, complied with these requirements, strictly speaking he is not bound under the terms of his agreement to furnish any further iuformatiou which an approved society may demand. Such acid food taken here will soon lead to retention, and so eventually to some I do not believe that the secret of long life is to be found in milk or in cheese or in bread or in nuts or in fruit, but in always living as nearly as may be on the natural diet of man, and in getting that food from the cereals, nuts, and fruit growing in, and therefore suited to, the countrv and climate in which one lives, together with more or less milk and cheese also produced on the spot. They, however, are only suited for the autumn maneuvers or Indian-chasing style of war, and will soon be replaced by proper double tanks or modern motor pumps and sterilizers combined, of the English The bags are portable and quickly set up, but for permanent use they have the very serious drawback of having the drinking-water drawn from the same vessel in which it was chlorinated.

The hardness depended upon the relative amount of protein, soaps, fatty acids, or neutral fat present. The petrous portions of the ossa temporalia in the base of the skull, were moderately large; and the internal ear was most probably perfect, with its appropriate bones, canals, membranes and nerves; the foramen auditorium internum of the right pars petrosa was large and well the left pars petrosa smaller and without any apparent foramen.


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