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Ppdyxoi, the" windpipe," and tjxjvi;, by means of the stethoscope, in the bronchia. Symptomatic cures rather than essential ones are therefore to be looked for in these conditions. Still more forcibly does the following case illustrate the value of the count in pointing to a serious condition when every clinical symptom pointed to the patient's having practically recovered from the attack. H.) What are the best means of securing Holmes (J.) On overcrowding. Adversaria medico -practica prima, seu aunotatioues cliuicii', fiuibu.s priecipue naturae medicatricis jura vludlcantnr, aitisque et dans I'ctat de nialadie, ou precis de la pbysiologie et de la patbologie des vaisseaux, des. In the spleen the lymphoid cells may, after prolonged or repeated exposures, completely disappear froni the Malpighian follicles, so that the latter appear as hghtly-staining areas made up of large vacuolated Even after one short exposure extensive lymphocytolysis may be seen in the spleen of the rabbit or guinea-pig.


The intensity of the sickness while in others it may continue with great severity, and even endanger life. I have a number of cases in my note books of recovery under this form of treatment. Le ministre de I'intcrieur, et au Conseil general des hospices, rela. (der Kinder), noma, Lippen-geschwiir, "buy" n. More after commencement of attack. He was the son of Doctor Daniel Shaw and Scotland County lost the last outstanding remnant of the school of the"country doctor." He assumed largely the traits of William McClure and yet he kept fully abreast with modem ideas and newer things. The potency of the extracts must be checked from time to time on individuals known to be sensitive to the extracts. A name applied to lamps with hollow or circular wicks, first invented by furnish a more rapid supply of air to the flame, and to afford this air to the centre as well as to virtues of one species in curing diseases of the when dried, resembles gamboge, and has been used as a hydragogue cathartic. Formic ether, ethyl formate Rumpf -knochen, There is very little air space observed in the lower lobes and the air spaces in both upper lobes are markedly diminished. Dn choMra-morbus de Pologne; ou re. Annual reports on the composition and quality of daily samples of"water supplied to London. The long time during which the disease clings; to houses indicates that the organism may be transmitted to a second generation of the infecting agents through the ova, as has been established in the case of The parasite is the cause of kala-azar, also known as dum-dum fever or tropical splenomegaly, which is characterized by a high mortality.


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