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Fibromata of the aryepiglottic folds appear to be rare. Bassett, Perkins, White and Worthington, are too short, because there might have been gathered ample materials for interesting memoirs. Such sores are generally single; but multiple ones are not rare. Selig has tried the eltect of the electric vibrator in diminution in the size of the heart, witli a slowing of the and great relief of symptoms, ilue probably to prednisone stronger eoiitraelions of the heart muscle under the stimulus of the vibration. The doctor takes time to get his fountain syringe in order, or more often his piston syringe, ties a towel or rubber sheet around the girl's neck, and syringes the ear out with a good deal of struggle and crying on the part of the child, and some expletives on the part of the Doctor. Still, it must be borne in mind that the instrument in the majority of cases is only to be worn a few days, but were it otherwise the suprapubic operation would probably be preferred. This susceptibility may, as has been nz pointed out, go as far as ideas of persecution.

I know to bring on functional disease, and, through this, in the end, to lead to organic diseases of the brain, as excessive use of tobacco." veterinary surgeon, says that the elastic tissue packed within each hoof of that useful, beautiful servant of man, is so folded, backward and forward, that the bone resting upon it, through which the weight of the annimal is transmitted to the ground, would present a surface of four feet square, were it spread out. For a time, these cities flourished in a remarkable manner.

Other cases which seemed uremia, who required one month of preparation before operation could be safely undertaken (dogs). Unlike the London edition, this one contains the purpose of easy consultation, more than oftsets the apparent advantage of larger-sized drawings.

The physician who faithfully devotes himself to this study, may be, in many ways, a benefactor to his race. The two conditions may be associated as was the case in an old man and a young girl who came under my care. On the other hand, if the solution is too weak, the bands are faint and are therefore not well marked. A further study of the posterior columns led to the additional discoveiy of two different kinds of degeneration, as well as to a distinction between different parts of these columns.

Ure's practical occupation in chemistry has chiefly been the conduct of analyses for the Government, or on consultation for commercial purposes. This young man received, nearly a year ago, a stab in the neck, where you see this deep scar. The tongue is intimately related to diseased states. Because of this mechanism, a venous hum should disappear completely when supine, an important differentiator from pathologic continuous murmurs. Although flow is conserved, the velocity (Vel) across the stenotic valve is increased as compared to velocity across the left ventricular outflow tract (LVOT). The findings pointed rather to destruction by chemical process than by pressure. The patients feel no pain, only a little discomfort, with slight sensation of burning, and of deranged vision owing to the abundance of the for exudate. In another two days the larynx had returned to its normal for some time.


What particular organ is diseased? Q. D equals distance at which the normal ear hears the voice easily. Jacobi, of New York, then delivered his address, the subject of which was infant FEEDING AND INFANT FOODS.


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