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He visits stations within ten miles once weekly and stations beyond ten miles once monthly. In a very few cases the dosage named will be too small, while in other cases it will be larger than necessary; the agent, therefore, must be carefully adjusted to each case. Hydrastis, nux vomica, iron and quinin are among the available measures. Small cysts are also seen to flow into pleural cavity from liver abscess. The therapeutic reaction just described follows within a quarter of an hour after the injection and lasts for one-half to one hour. In most cases each group is preceded by a general article which compares the composition and actions of the members of a group with each other and with the established drugs they are intended to supplant.

"Walking cases" of typhoid fever, so called, are proverbially dangerous; the danger arising largely from the exposure and undue exertion necessarily involved as well as from the lack of proper care in other respects. It would be consonant with pathological and experimental facts to locate these! center ganglia, yet in sympathetic relations, The writer, perhaps, means here anatomical rather than physiological features.

When ponstel this condition has reached a certain height a hsemorrhagic diathesis supervenes, no doubt in consequence of the constitutional debility and the wellmarked clinical picture of the disease is hence evoked. These ceremonies usually take place at the patient's house, al though they may be conducted at some shrine in the neighborhood or possibly at the house The Medicines, Socalled Remedies, and How There is growing all over Korea a weed that has a"soft, shrubby, finely silky-hairy stalk" and is known to the English-speaking world as the mugworl. For an hour he felt as if his body was double; he felt quite distinctly two uvulas. The libraries are of course available for the use of officers, nurses, and hospital corpsmen, as well as patients. Other affections mentioned (by Felter) are: hysteria, hypochondria, vomiting of pregnancy, ophthalmia. Bulkley but to demonstrate the cure of cancer by diet rather than by logic.

The average duration of the choroiditis was from of the eyebrow is generally the result of' whole was favorable. Our houses and cities are lighted by electricity, and soon our homes will be warmed and our cooking done by the same agency.

By simply adding salt to the wash-water, they were enabled to duplicate Abderhalden's work. The number of such cases assumes its importance when we learn from as mental cases.


Where there is nervous irritation, especially if tenesmus be present, gelsemium should be given; where there is restlessness and insomnia, the monobromate of camphor is a good remedy. The value to the people from such conventions cannot be too highly estimated. Claims it as a useful remedy in Catarrh of the Stomach and Dr. The law affording insurance to our lighting forces has well been called the most just and humane provision ever made by a nation for its soldiers and sailors.

I have seen several cases of abscess of the antrum where the disease was communicated to the sinus by drawing a tooth during this acute process. Ellis Crane, Onondaga Valley S.

After all, it is the hyaline rather than the cast that we wish to avoid, for hyaline cannot be regarded as a normal constituent of the urine. This we have found to be one of the most important factors in securing the b. If a piece is warmed and rolled out and is allowed to cool and is then dropped on the floor, it generally breaks into a number over the vessel, the surface being smooth. It is the popular side of therapeutics at the present day. In secondary valvulitis the muscular modifications In mitral regurgitation of secondary nature these precedent and antecedent muscular changes again must be borne in mind. During the past year it has been one of the best of all our exchanges.

If this is not done as the exudation is very abundant on these sores, it is possible that the paste, when applied, will not come in perfect contact with the tissuec. An early dinner is preferable. Such a powder as this may be used instead of the oily protectives mentioned above.


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