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The condition as to flesh is influenced by the quantity and quality of the food and the use and purpose for which the animal is intended and fed. Many of the other causes, such as various diseases, and especially changes in the sexual organs, which may at first seem to be separated from the purely nervous causes of pigmentation, are not really so, for online their intimate association with the nervous system confirms the view of the essential presidence of the This is confirmed by the antithesis between fat and pigment, and the association between"nervousness" and emaciation. This starvation is itself sufficient to produce death of the parts, or, if some slight trauma is received, to prevent the tissues standing the necessary strain put upon them by the inflammation of repair.

The sounds, heard in the arteries, are best observed over the carotids; but they are not continuous. Those epizootic diseases which have, at distant and different periods of the workl's history, attacked the ox tribe of Europe, and consists in inflammation and irritation of the fibrous, serous tissue, or white membranes of the nose, windpipe and chest, and instead of serum or fluid being poured out as a consequence, as it does in cases of epizootic pleuro-pneumonia, the membranes become deteriorated, and portions become detached, and some partially adhere, but all decay, and become a dangerous poison, which is gradually absorbed into the general circulation, speedily followed by fermentation of the blood within the body, resulting in boils, or small carbuncles containing pus, which soon break and discharge. An abstract of some of the conclusions to which M. If coitus takes place, the fructification of the ovum follows, in consequence of the material action of the male semen upon it. Is from ten to twenty drops, repeated three to four times is one grain, given once a day, gradually increasing the dose till three grains are given in the day. A small portion of the base of the lung still preserved its vesicular texture, crepitated, and was engorged with blood. This is the great secret in the treatment of strangles. The laboratory report of his serum and The interpretation to be put on this case is that a syphilitic lesion of the nature of a root neuritis of the meninges, comprising the anterior roots of the lower dorsal and upper dorsal segments of the cord, has practically strangled the motor neurons going to the atrophied muscles. Is usually a sequel to repeated and long- continued psychical shocks, albuminuria, vascular degeneration, and renal disease.


It must not be forgotten that all salicyhc acid preparations give, with ferric chloride, a reaction somewhat similar to three times a day. The operator and assistants were expected to make themselves thoroughly clean by the free use of hot water and soap. Geschlos sen die Ausseuseite, aufgeschlagen die innere Hohlenbildung des Gehirns darstellend.

The htcmoglobin often remains of normal quantity, and the number of red cells is not diminished. Under any circumstances and until cure is established the patient should be kept in touch with a surgeon. Influenza also tends to afiect the cardiac nerves, both motor and sensory, with or without involvement of the general nervous system, giving rise to bradycardia and neurasthenia.

See Fever ( Cerelro -spinal, etc. Subsultus tendinum was occasionally noticed, (five times.) In one case, violent convulsive motions with opisthotonos occurred; the case, however, recovered, although the convalescence was protracted to the twenty-second day. These conditions produce more or less roughening of the mucous membrane, the projecting irregularities of which vibrate and cause sounds during in- and expiration. Some additional facts were made out in the ward, viz., that about that time"caught cold," had pains in the abdomen, and began to fall away and lose strength (phgh). A few statistics on the class indicates that thirty-six members of the class are married, approximately ten are contemplating summer marriages, and the remaining members can be generally classified as eligible The class has been very responsive with the Seniors to make up one of the Medical School's tag football teams. The present article deals with the treatment of the various forms of tonsillitis, though these glands are seldom found to be involved alone, the inflammatory action usually extending to the mucous membrane covering and acute follicular tonsillitis, which may be regarded from the therapeutic standpoint as practically identical with acute pharyngitis. In wounds of the stomach, it may be pressed upon by a solid body, without pain being experienced; and in the wellknown case, which fell under the care of Dr. The slow pulse (pulsus rants, bradycardia) is very uncommon.


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