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The name stagger bush was applied to the shrub on account of the peculiar intoxicating effect of the leaves. There was great pain in the line from the ensiform cartilage to the body of the sternum on the left side, and extending obliquely to the right for five or six fingers' breadth Auscultation revealed nothing on the part of the lung, the pleura, or the heart. The fact is the online pathogenesis of exophthalmic goiter is still wrapped in mystery. The urine is more frequently acid than is the case with cystitis. Difficulty wlien the pulse is carefully examined and auscultation practised. Dale, the daughter of President ilic institution, and has the advantage of being a fluent Arabic scholar. It was evident from the gross appearpearances of the specimen that the sarcoma had developed from a uterine myoma. Where the wound tailed off at either end a suture was passed through tlie muscular walls of the bowel itself The outside wound was then brought together at both ends by a few sutures introduced through the skin and muscles of the opening.

The suppuration may be diffuse or local. A number of rainbow trout, which are a very hardy trout, were in the preserve and none of these were an infectious nature, but one which was probably due to lack of oxygen in the water. Perhaps some non-malignant tumors belonging to these organs may offer some difl'erential difficulty, but, considering the perfect freedom from constitutional disturbances, and the above-mentioned peculiarities of the omental tumor, we would not be very liable to make mistakes. Hydrorrhea nasi occurring in women is frequently associated with menstruation and in many cases occurs only at these times, disappearing entirely during the intcrmentrual period. The pain was referred to the principal nerve tracts in the arms. These symptoms will be described seriatim. Lectures will be given viprofil on medicine, children's diseases, pathological anatomy, surgery, orthopedics, gynecology and otology, ophthalmology, psychiatry, hygiene and biology, and social medicine.

Neither casts nortubercle bacilli were ever discovered.

The following modification of Czerny's operation for the suturing the pillars, he splits the external wall of inguinal canal to the internal ring; by means of buried catgut sutures he sutures first the internal ring, and, following this, the entire extent of the inguinal canal is closed, wdth the exception, of course, of an opening for the passage of the spermatic cord. With regard to the class of singers referred to, who are conscious of effort and difficulty in the use of their voice, we must be careful in our advice and prognosis.

Where the trouble involved the internal sphincter, dilatation by the thumbs was indicated.


Contribution to the Subject of Fibromata of the Uterus (Walton, practitioner in meeting the ordinary difficulties which are associated with uterine fibromata. They gradually accumulate coloring matter there, and so become nucleated red blood-corpuscles; the nucleus in the main becomes disintegrated and gradually disappears by absorption. The question under discussion by the author is as to whether or not puerperal insanity presents a clinical picture by which, without a knowledge of the history of the case, it can be distinguished from insanity unconnected with childbearing. Some fits, and died in the evening, i.e., twenty -seven days after the At tlie post-mortem there was no fracture of the skull or of mater; and there was nothing abnormal about the cerebral There was no lymph on the convexity. Disappeared, but there is a slight swelling and tenderness of integuments around zygomatic arch. Several subsequent movements of the bowels contained blood, but the child recovered promptly. Hahnemann Medical College of Chicago, graduated from the Chicago Homoeopathic Medical College. Abscess of the liver, suppurative echinococcosis, renal infection, pyelo-nejDhritis, acute cystitis, rupture of the bladder, etc., may in a similar way become complicated with acute peritonitis.


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