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The case was regarded as one of epithelioma of the skin of the canal. Tubercle bacilli can sometimes be found in the sputum where there is only a slight apical x ray shadow; this is due to perforation of bronchial channels by a small submiliary focus. Tuberculosis manifested itself in the intestine in two forms, the ulcerative and the hypertrophic. The lung is then seen to mobilize itself The pulmonary decortication is then performed, beginning at the outside and proceeding towards the interior, either by median, transversal, or longitudinal section, forming two divisions. There is undoubtedly much in the art of administering remedies. Lionel Weatherly (Jour, of Tried in five cases of hystero-epilepsy, and it was found that it would abort an Hyoscine employed in a case of angina pectoris believed to be of neurotic origin, Hyoscyamiis has anodyne powers and has been used in griping pains and neuralgias, and is often added to purgative pills to lessen the griping effect.

This, of course, is not a fixed classification.

But the speaker bad been struck by the close hcl resemblance of its symptoms to those of an acute infectious disease. Morris refers to it as Marchand's product to possess in a remarkable degree the A Caae of Acromegaly, tlic first noted in Ireland, has lately lieon iiikIlt ilie euro of Dr. Towards the close of the spasm there was a change in the expression of the face, which it was not easy to describe, a sort of faraway look in the eyes, a vacant expression. When the second Liberty Loan came out, less than ten per cent, of our people thought sufficient of the war to loan the Government money. One such sling should always MEDICINE AND SURGERY IN THE ARMY AND NAVY.

Ing tlir ensuing week the patient continued in a state of extreme weakness, with considerable anaernie fever, attended by thirst, dimness of vision, murmurs at the cardiac orifices and great vessels, and all the other subjective and objective signs of great anaemia. Errors of diet and the autointoxication associated therewith appear to be the most usual exciting causes. If now individual members of our body have sinned against the law, against a law that wo have accepted as just and fair, we must repudiate their acts and throw the responsibility upon the individuals and upon those who are charged with the enforcement of the law, or we must prepare again to fight against the hasty and emotional legislation that will surely seek enactment. We may attribute, in part, the phenomenon of the continued diminution in our population, so noticeable in many parts of our territory, to the increase in the consumption of alcoholic liquors. It does not even seem to bear any constant relation to the degree of visual acuity or to the state of the visual field. Take this case: and it was readily located in the respiratory tract.

The physician who makes the autopsy has only to demonstrate the caution he observed to prevent admixture from anything on his table or instruments, or the use of unclean dishes or jars, and leave to the chemist the demonstration of the impossibility of any artificial accidental admixture while the organs were in his charge. The patient is entirely deaf in left ear.


Xow it appears from experiments on animals (Charcot, Binet, Coen, and d'Ajutolo), as well as from observations of persons exposed to lead poisoning, that one of the earliest and most constant s_ymptoms of this disease is a pathological change of the renal tubuli conducive in rather short time to granular atrophy of the kidneys. Lately there was considerable fever and pain again. The pin is inserted between the lower front teeth, two of the bright beads being adjusted directly opposite the condyle and angle, the other in front of the symphysis. The posterior or cartilaginous portions of the cords were markedly thickened, two previous similar attacks. Recovery may ensue in rare instances in which a spontaneous discharge when bilateral, is not amenable to treatment.

All the intestinal wounds found Two cases by Senn.? First case is really remarkable (rifle-shot the last was situated in the deepest portion of the pelvis, and would have doubtless been overlooked had not hydrogen been used. As ail evidence of the dangers connected with our practice without the proper safeguards, he relates an incident which occurred in a hospital for the insane (buy).


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