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In., and many are still smaller: their form is usually oval or sub-circular. The Library aims to obtain every medical book, periodical and report published in any country or language as soon as possible after it is issued, and have it at once catalogued and indexed and made thousand volumes of medical books, published years ago, required to complete its equipment to meet all calls made upon it. Successful Laparotomy after Extensive Injury to the case in which faecal 200 extravasation into the abdominal cavity had (Journal American Medical Association) which seems to prove an pistol at a distance of six or eight feet, one of the bullets entering the abdomen about half an inch below the anterior superior spine of the ilium. The necessary expenses of a hall for the general meeting, of rooms for the Sections, programs and cards of membership, shall be met by the Association, but all such printing shall be done by the Journal of the Association. Tbe mouth of the bottle is closed with a cork w ith two tbe purpose of pouring in water and sulphuric acid, and mcg tbe other, which should be bent nearh at right angles, for leading awa) the tbe bottle by a rubber tube. The female sex, youth, and a previous history of hysterical outbreaks mayHerve to caution us against too hasty a diagnosis of myelitis. He was by no means fretful, as one might, at first sight, expect from the excessive gravity of the case, but, on the contrary, lay, for the most part of the time, in a torpid, drowsy condition, from which he was only aroused by the assiduous attentions of his nurse, or when excited by the cravings of hunger. C, and in Among his contributions to medical literature are the following: The ovulation theory of menstruation; Some points in the treatment of sterility; Specialism in medicine; A contribution to the relations of ovulation and menstruation; On the hot vaginal douche; Chapter on diseases of women in"Wood's Household Practice of Medicine;" Chapter on sterility, in"American System of Gynecology;" Ethics of female sterility; Conservatism in gynecology; Laceration of the Cervix uteri; Vaginal tamponnement; Uterine massage; Is the extirpation of the cancer over uterus justifiable? Vaginal hysterotomy for cancer; Is craniometry ever justifiable? The intra-uterine stem in the treatment of flexions; On some uncured cases been president and professor of gynecology in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Chicago; chief of gynecological department of the West Side Free Dispensary; fellow of the American Gynecological Society, Chicago Gynecological Society, British Gynecological Society; member American Medical Association, Chicago Medical Society, Chicago Medical Historical Society; honorary fellow, Detroit Gynecological Society; consulting surgeon.

The deadly carbonic acid gas which comes from the lungs at every out-breathing of the sleeper, rises to the ceiling in warm weather, but falls to the floor when the room is freezing cold. On the other, it assumes thai in going from the wound of inoculation to the centres the virus follows the nervous system, and can pursue that route only.

We know that where there is an opening days after the opening has been made, "misoprostol" while the edges of the wound are separated during expiration, thus readily permitting a free egress of air, they tend to fall together during inspiration and hinder its entrance. Therefore, I, The predisposing causes of prolapsus (and these alone may frequently produce this displacement) are: of all, parturition and its consequent relaxation of the parts concerned; abortion; the process of menstruation; anaemia, and its resulting general debility. If, in the first place, it appears to affect the central nervous system, as opposed to the peripheral, more commonly and in greater degree, we must remember that even this statement, based, as it is, on past observations, is one which may have to be considerably modified in the light of future researches; for the peripheral nervous system in cases of disseminate sclerosis has not been examined with anything like the regularity and care that has been bestowed upon the central nervous system. Every one knows that there has been a bone of contention before the profession for a number of years; every one knows that that bone of contention has been placed under the nose of nearly every practitioner in this Province, until the odor of that decaying bone has been such that every medical man really got disgusted with it. Microscopic examination of sections of the cord showed the most active and recent process in the lower dorsal region posteriorly. This is a very worthy iind proper motive to guide a medical practitioner; but the majority of those who are likely to accept such offices must live of Health, and the Commissioners of her Majesty's Treasury, are now trying the experiment of making them starve by it: and tliose who take up this yratuitous attendance on fevercases (for in no other light can we view it) are perpetuaiing the evils which are daily tending to the disgrace and degradation of the medical profession in the Uniied Kingdom. They shall provide suitable acconmiodations for the meetings of the Association, space for mediical and surgical exhibits, and make such other local arrangements as they may deem essential for the success of five members, whose duty it shall be to procure short memorials of deceased members, and present them for publication in the Transactions. Therefore, if hypermetropia is the causative factor in the production of abnormal convergence, and its influence extend to the elevators and depres sors of the cornea, it must follow that in every case of hypermetropic internal squint the deviation is oblique, and a purely lateral turning is theoretically impossible.


We would be glad to feature some others. The sensory loss cannot be remedied by faradic applications. But be recovered and lived zealous student of St. Warm air may be as pure as that of the poles; and although cold air is almost a synonym of pure air, and although it is healthful to breathe a cold air asleep or awake, yet the breathing of cold air is healthful only to a certain extent.

Glaus found the third, fourth, fifth, and twelfth cranial nerves most affected; the seventh and eighth but slightly so, while the olfactory and optic nerves were free from change. In online eight of the patients the cause was infantile paralysis, and in two infectious disease.


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