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The investigation of this class eagerly availed tliemselves of the microscopic and chemical metliods of examination which were being rapidly developed at that time. The progress from bad to worse may be slow, very slow, but as yet there is too much reason to believe that the term" progressive" in the sense of going on from bad to worse is not misapplied. Warthin, by experimental work on the sheep and goat, finds that after total splenectomy there is hyperplasia of existing lymphoid tissue, transformation of hemolymph nodes into ordinary lymphatic glands, and a new formation of hemolymph nodes out of lobules of fat-tissue. Its action is prompt in cases where mercury has failed, and the gain in weight, improvement in appearance and feeling of Where immediate action is needed we have in Salvarsan a valuable adjunct to our old and tried anti-syphilitic remedies. Pathologists have not been a little puzzled by the occasional occurrence of those strange cysts containing true foetal structures such as hair, skin, teeth, and bone. It teaches the location and natural language of every organ separately, and in association with others, both in health and disease." Now we would ask, was not the brain known to be the organ of the mind long before these Phrenologits lived? They taught, (it is true,) that different parts of the brain possessed different functions, or that"the brain consisted of a number of independent faculties." And by directing attention to this organ they may have caused more to be known about it than otherwise would have been. Knapp, Roosa, and Prout was appointed to consider the subject of a uniform method of expressing uk the results of examinations of the acuteuess of hearing, and to Dr. His remarks on the managing boards of some of our city hospitals will find an echo in every reader much conversant with the subject.

Accidents and injuries, owing to the alarm and anxiety of friends, that a number of physicians are simultaneously sent for. Therefore, on ansenltation, we discorer the existence of pneumonia or extensire bfroncfaitis, or if we hare reason to believe that the exuviation already extends in any considerable decree into the bronchial tubes, the operation would be useless, and should not be attempted. Several surgeons had advised operation, but at the same time held out very little hope of a real cure.

Harlan thought that there were two classes: one in which there is purely deception, perhaps the result of deranged mental condition; and a second, in which there is real temporary suspension of Dr.


It is small quantities in association with albumoses in various diseases, more II. The It was voted to pay one half of the legal expenses of the New Hampshire lOclectic Society in defending to secui(; the i)rinting of the decision of the court The reMohitioiiH of Mie superinlcndenls of Anieri can institutions for the insane, relative to the immigration of the defective classes, were referred to a committee for investigation and report at some The Board of Censors reported the granting of twenty-three licenses since the last annual meeting (levothyroxine). Not unnaturally, these unconscious missionaries of the old world over-estimated tlie magnitude and the value of their achievements, and their children exaggerated them still more extravagantly. At the present time the disease seems to be stationary, the impotency still exists, aud thus far no complication has occurred. The health of more men was injured during the Philippine insurrection by beer than through the infected drinking water which was the cause of amebic dysentery. Succor for the Suffering, Precepts for the Public. Possibly the gap made by the mere incision through the skin to the sheaths of the underlying muscles might sometimes be sufficient. The opposition met had been paralleled when some years ago it was decided to make pulmonary tuberculosis a reportable disease.


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